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Apple wants to give Apple Pay the attention it deserves and would be preparing a next step that would be useful for many users who have to receive or send payments frequently. Apple Pay could soon have a person-to-person payment method , and could come in this year.

Apple wants to get involved in different payment modalities with Apple Pay

All the information arises according to Recode , in which they also suggest that Apple has chatted with Visa to reach an agreement where they would arise new debit cards prepaid and that are virtual of Apple. You could instantly spend the money received from the payment service that Apple intends to establish. Virtual cards would have recognition from Apple Pay for transactions , and could be used in retail stores and online purchases . 
Paying with Apple Pay
The idea of ​​having person-to-person payments on Apple Pay came in the year of its launch, alternatives were being sought for the service to reach more users during its introductory time, according to information from The Wall Street Journal.
People would be able to use the new Apple cards to spend the money received through a new service, without having to wait for the bank account to act on their own. Users will be able to add the debit card to Apple Pay Wallet to use in payments with contact. The card number can also be used to make purchases on websites and apps.

Apple would be giving more impetus to Apple Pay

Apple Pay Carrefour Pass
Payments with this new card would be complete exclusivity of Apple Pay, so you could not receive or send money to other banks. Those in Cupertino would benefit from such transactions when buying from commercial entities , but this remains to be seen because the world's banks could protest the final strategy that Apple can carry out. It may be that Apple intends to have preferential treatment for those who use their debit cards.
Recode points out that we could see a first look at this in WWDC 2017 to be released on iOS 11 or later . We hope that Apple has the necessary foundation to take this implementation in the right direction. Of course this will be tested in the US before being taken to other countries. This future that Apple has in terms of mobile payments can be promising, and could be an advantage for Apple Pay to reach more countries in less time.
What do you think about this new rumor? Would you be encouraged to have an Apple Prepaid Virtual Card? Share your opinions with us in the comment box.

Apple Pay would offer a person-to-person payment service in the near future

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One of the most important future goals for Apple is the generation of its own content to compete in one of the most promising markets, such as the production of series, movies or music on demand, where other platforms are triumphing, As is the case of the well-known Netflix. It seems that, after many rumors, this possibility could arrive in Apple Music with iOS 11.

Original content getting closer with Apple Music on iOS 11

Apple Music
It is well known that Tim Cook's are behind entering a market that has exponential possibilities, where other competitors such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon are gaining a lot of ground with their own productions. Now it seems that everything is starting to take shape with iOS 11. Remember that this new version of the operating system usually comes in June but is not available until September. And in addition, although in June the new system is presented, sometimes in September appear great novelties or surprises.

The goal is for everything to appear with Apple Music, a first step to something bigger?

Original content on Apple Original content on Apple
Apple Music could be working on releasing up to 10 original series this year, a major leap. Not only that, there may be more video-centric features in iOS 11 from the Apple Music app than we've seen so far. Apple Music has so far promoted The Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke , although they have not yet been published.
When Apple releases the next version of its iOS software later this year, the company could unveil a new edition of Apple Music that would incorporate the video dynamically and improved. We've already seen a first taste of what Apple Music's original video content would look like, including Carpool Karaoke and The Planet of the Apps. In addition, many novelties would be underway, including a star project under the command of famed filmmaker JJ Abrams. There is less left to know that the original content of Apple.
What do you think about this news about original content from Apple? Your opinion is important to us.

The original content of Apple would reach Apple Music with iOS 11

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After obtaining the data of sales of Apple in this first quarter, it has been verified that there has not been a greater number of sales after the launch of the iPhone 7 RED along with the SE iPhone of 128 GB.

very light first quarter for Apple with the iPhone 7 RED and the SE of 128 GB

IDC today provided data on Apple's sales for the first quarter. Although they have renewed the iPhone SE and have released the iPhone 7 PRODUCT (RED), sales have remained very similar.
In the previous quarter, Apple obtained 51.2 million while in the first quarter of 2017 sold more or less 51.6 million iPhone.
The iPhone 7 Plus was the star of the month of January, as it was responsible for launching the highest figures for the quarter.

Renewal does not finish

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus network
IPhone 7 and 7 Plus in PRODUCT (RED)
The boom of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in red - PRODUCT (RED) - we thought it was going to be a boom in terms of sales , since it was supposed to be the first iPhone to be integrated into this campaign against AIDS.
Perhaps the controversy that exists as to the color of the front of the iPhone has thrown many users back, since some would have liked that it had been in black instead of white color.
Particularly I think that white is great with the red of the back, but it is true that is like seeing an iPod touch in terms of aesthetics .
As for the remodeling of the interior of the iPhone SE, including in its storage capacity 32 and 128 GB, has not finished shutting down either. We are in which 32 GB is insufficient.
Will there be an iPhone SE this year?
Most users think 64 GB is the perfect capacity for a device. Adding 128GB of storage to an iPhone is a bit excessive.
And you do you think? Do you think Apple should follow some other type of strategy to increase its sales?

The iPhone 7 RED and SE of 128 GB were not of great help to raise the sales of the iPhone according to IDC

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The pressure of the big launches of this first half of 2017 could have caused that the sales of the iPhone left a little more space to the rest of manufacturers. However, Apple does not give anyone any respite, and big Chinese makers such as Huawei and OPPO continue to struggle to snatch the Californian giant from his position . However, in the company they can not afford to lose sight of their competitors, because these, although they have not yet reached their position, are getting closer to do so.
In part, this growth is due not only to the sales of the manufacturers themselves in their country of origin, but also to the change that is suffering their image during these years. Now, there is no longer associated so much a poor quality image to its terminals, and, therefore, are much more successful in Western countries. And, despite the fact that each time they offer a better quality, their prices are still really competitive , something that increasingly affects the greats of the podium, Apple itself, and Samsung.

Huawei grows as major competitors stay stagnant

Huawei vs Apple
Recently, market analysis firm IDC published the estimated sales figures for the first quarter of 2017 . In this new report, we have come across a Samsung that stands firm in the top spot, even though we still do not take into account sales of the new Galaxy S8. Next, we have our beloved Apple, again with figures similar to those of the last quarter of 2016 .
The interesting thing comes with the Chinese giant Huawei, which has managed to reach something more than 34 million units distributed , a really important growth with respect to previous data. Of course, this trend could change at any time, but it seems that Huawei is not going to stop until it lives up to Samsung and Apple , and, why not, unban them. Remember that the closer they are to each other, the more they will fight to make us their next customers, and that to us is great.

Huawei continues to struggle to reach Apple in sales

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Anyone who has a laptop or a ** smartphone ** is clear: the autonomy of their batteries decreases with the passage of time . The day you buy it, your cell phone lasts the whole day without being disheartened, but after two years of daily loads, it barely gives you the time to eat.
People usually attribute this to battery life by using the term "charge cycles", but science has finally put some light on the subject. And is that the United States Department of Energy has set to work and has revealed the true mechanisms causing the reduction of the load capacity , and could even avoid them, a milestone for the technologically dependent world today .
Smartphone battery
In a rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the lithium ions are in a solution that move between two electrodes, generating a flow of electrons responsible for originating the energy from which the device is powered. That is, the battery is a mere volume of lithium ions moving between two electrodes between charges and discharges .
In their research, the DOE has discovered that manganese is the material that often causes electrode deterioration, allowing some metal ions to float freely and reverse the path so as to create a reaction that traps ions Lithium - which we remember, are those who should travel the circuit to provide energy -. Consequently, as more lithium ions are blocked, the charge capacity of the battery is reduced .
Smartphone battery
According to Daniel Abraham, one of the authors of the study:
And what does all this mean? That perhaps, in the not too distant future, the batteries of our devices could not deteriorate as much , something that in the case of the iPhone is providential. Of course, we can not forget the programmed obsolescence, and is that manufacturers will always seek the compromise between durability and renewal of the terminal.

Why does my smartphone battery last so little?

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Although Apple Watch is intended to help us improve our health and fitness by monitoring various parameters, there are other very interesting and useful features that can even save your life at certain times. This is what happened to a 22-year-old college student in Maryland when he had a traffic accident against another vehicle. In those moments, his iPhone was fired and he had no access .
And Casey Bennett headed to class on April 6 when his Jeep collided with another car. Then, thanks to the seat belt and the airbags, their integrity was not in danger, but the iPhone went off. Fortunately, Bennet wore his Apple Watch and with a single tap managed to activate the SOS function that calls 911 to ask for help.
Apple Watch
Casey was so grateful that he sent Apple CEO Tim Cook a letter explaining the event and how thanks to Apple's wearable and SOS function he saved his life. By the way, from Apple they responded to the note.
Apple added the SOS emergency feature in the watchOS 3 update of Apple Watch . In case you do not know, it does not even require you to enter a specific app or phone . Simply press and hold the on / off button, then two options will appear: turn off the device and the SOS function, which when slid calls the emergency services without complications.
In addition, the emergency function sends your current location and updates , facilitating the rescue effort to the maximum.

SOS Apple Watch! Save your life thanks to your watch

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There are still a lot of doubts about what the next iPhone 8 will look like: dual camera upright , dual camera front or selfies , fingerprint sensor or Touch ID on the back and OLED screen are some of the rumors most sounded in recent weeks.
To these rumors are added a new filtration thanks to a drawing that indicates the parts used for the iPhone 8 to have wireless load .

The drawing confirms the wireless charge on the iPhone 8

Although the image is in Chinese, thanks to 9to5mac we have been able to know what each component means, especially those dedicated to this alleged wireless charge since, of course, some take it for granted.
Starting at the top left of the image and going to the right we find the following components: antenna, light sensor for brightness, proximity sensor, double front camera, a second antenna, the base plate (yellow shading on the drawing), power button, battery, wireless charging Qi (green shading), the taptic engine (or tactical motor), a third antenna connector lightning, fourth antenna, speakers, module wireless charging (green small box clarito ), SIM tray, volume buttons, mute / volume switch, flash and dual vertical camera.
Charging iPhone 8 wireless
If we remember, in reference to the antennas, the design remembers the one of the past iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, that also had antennas in the four corners of the device.
Undoubtedly , this drawing corroborates what the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been saying in KGI in recent months related to the wireless charge that will have the iPhone 8 but that, yes, will not include the wireless charger and it must be purchased separately .
In addition, the aforementioned drawing states that the components are 'Qi' , standard wireless charging based on inductive sensors to transmit power to devices. If you remember, we had already mentioned in a previous article that Apple had entered the consortium of wireless power , giving force to all these rumors.
Although there is still nothing stated, analysts are increasingly confident that this will ultimately be the design of the iPhone 8 . And although wireless charging is not new in the market, we are sure that Apple will find a way to make it flashy, novel. And what do you think about wireless charging? Leave your opinion in the comments.

We tell you all the details of how the iPhone 8 wireless charge will work

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Two weeks ago, Apple was granted permission to begin testing its automotive vehicle technology in California and of course the company wasted no time in initiating the action; Since this week has seen the test vehicle of technology of auto driving of Apple, a SUV Lexus RX450h optimized with a series of advanced sensors, in the highways of Silicon Valley.
The images shared by Bloomberg do not provide much additional information, but provide insight into the technology that Apple is using to test its auto-driving software, which as expected, compares very well with other platforms of cars currently driving In tests of Google and Uber.

Apple tests its automotive software on a Lexus RX450h SUV

The Lexus RX450h SUV used by Apple is equipped with a 64-channel Velodyne LiDAR car roof , front and rear bumpers, multiple cameras, mounted in protective housings along the outside of the car, a 360 degree view of the surroundings of the vehicle.
Apple tests its autoconduction software on a Lexus RX450h SUV
Earlier this month, it was revealed that Apple had obtained permission from the state of California to officially start testing auto-driving cars in California. The Apple name was added to the list of companies with stand-alone vehicle test permits on the Department of Motor Vehicles website in California after two years of reports that Apple had been testing self-directed automotive technology.
A variety of other suggestions had come up regarding Apple's self-drive efforts. Apple partner Didi Chuxing opened its own self-taught lab near Apple in California, while the company also appeared in a letter to the US National Traffic Safety Administration urging the department not to restrict stand-alone vehicle testing .
Originally, it was believed that the company was building its own car, but now it has shifted its focus towards self-steering software, at least for now.

Apple's auto-driving technology already rolling in the streets of California

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