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The comparisons are hateful. Especially if one of your top competitors has an entire fleet of satellites and takes years of advantage ... By all is known that Apple Maps is one of the native applications of iOS less used by users of iPhone and iPad.
In fact, it was certainly one of the first apps removed from your iPhone and / or iPad when Apple allowed the deletion of native apps on iOS 10 . But recently the company has added a few features that may make you want to reuse this map application .
These are the reasons why you probably stop hating the Apple Maps app on your iPhone and / or iPad.

Event and travel notifications

Apple syncs your native apps so your iPhone and iPad are more helpful. This means that notifications of your calendar events will be detailed with information about the traffic on the road and the duration of the trip.

Spotlight locations

Absolutely all locations of interest are marked with a specific color. This way you can find what you were looking for in a more efficient and fast way. For example, hospitals are red, shopping malls are yellow and parks are green.

3D view

Apple offers options for viewing in two dimensions or in three dimensions. Using the 3D view gives you a general idea of ​​what the place you are going to be going to be. Although it is not a street view like the one offered by Google (maybe the function will soon arrive), it will help you.

Wikipedia Information

When you click on a particular location, the side menu (iPad) or the bottom menu (iPhone) gives you all the information available about the place on Wikipedia.

Make a reservation

In addition, Apple Maps allows reservations in restaurants from the application itself. So you can look for a new restaurant and at the same time make the reservation, it even offers pictures, phone numbers, TripAdvisor reviews and if you allow payments via Apple Pay.

At last you will stop hating Apple Maps

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Our information society demands that we be continuously connected, so we can be informed of everything that happens around us. A changing world and that lately bulle in news of all kinds, this news can be channeled through a free manager and that today we present for you .
The name chosen is curious, Squid (squid), and this nice cephalopod unfolds its tentacles to hunt what happens, in many languages ​​(quiet, is in Castilian) and configurable to the maximum.
When you download and install the application, you configure the contents you want to display among all the ones you are offered, Featured News, World, Spain, Lifestyle , Lifestye Man, Fashion and Beauty. Family and Education, Entertainment, Humor, Sport, Football (yes, it has its own section), Motor, Videogames and a very long etcetera.
Once you have it configured you will be shown on your home screen the news sorted according to the categories you have previously selected, scrolling down you can see them all and simply clicking on one of them, you will see it enlarged. Easier impossible .
A very good option is to be able to share the news with your friends through any method of messaging, whether WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram ... Very positive point in your favor, with Squid you can customize the news with markers, underlines, text or Even some very nice stickers where the squid is the star. You can also make your own reading list so you can take a look at them later.
We already know that there are many applications like this, each with its pros and cons. I recommend Squid for several reasons :
  • Absence of advertising and gratuitous.
  • Friendly interface.
  • In Spanish.
  • Possibility to read the news in several languages, so you learn or refresh.
You know, if you do not want to lose wave of what is happening around you do not forget to download this app, and incidentally, leave a comment on our social networks. We will wait for you.

The App of the week will make you well informed

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Although in this Samsung 2017 seems to have done the duties in innovation with its S8 and Note8, the reality is that until recently, Apple was the signature that marked trend in terms of design, features and novelties , something that we hope to resume With the iPhone 8.
In fact, you do not have to go very far: a few weeks ago Apple patented a gadget to help people with hearing difficulties in their use of the iPhone. The same is true for software with its "do not disturb the steering wheel" . It is a reality, Apple is synonymous with innovation and cutting edge .
On the other hand, aside from the good work done by the Koreans this year with a terminal that is simply impressive in appearance and screen - although we remember that their "innovative" facial recognition can easily be trolled with a photo of the card - to date Has had no qualms about being inspired by the apple bite company.
You do not have to go far to see it: you copied it on the 3D Touch , with the integration of the dual camera on your devices, also removed the headphone output and of course, by removing the Home button . The truth is that the history of inspiration of Samsung in Apple is endless , suffice to say that his journey in the courts is already eternal.
But Samsung has been unmarked and if you settle for the Koreans in the purchase of your next terminal you could find that it has a breathalyzer. It is not a joke. And is that just patented an alcohol meter inside a device similar to the S-Pen that could measure the amount of alcohol in blood as we speak . By the way, it would also detect our bad breath.
At the moment, it is unknown when Samsung will introduce it in their devices or if on the contrary finally discard it, like so many other inventions that will not see the light in the market. What do you think of the invention? Should Apple note and bet on something similar?

Samsung's invention that will never copy Apple

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Apple is about to release the final version of iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, purportedly during the month of September with the launch of iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8.
The new software, which was unveiled in June, is now available and in beta. It includes a lot of news, and then we tell you those functions that will be worth installing iOS 11on your device.
The iOS 11 update is exciting, it brings really important features. From the implementation of a much more customizable Control Center to an option to record the iPhone screen , to a more functional Dock and more.

Payments between people with Apple Pay

Apple's mobile payment system will allow users to make and receive payments via Apple Pay through the native iOS 11 messaging application itself . This function is biometric-safe.

Most customizable Control Center

We asked for it, and Apple gave it to us. The iOS 11 Control Center will finally offer the possibility to replace those buttons that users want . There we go, mobile data! In addition, its user interface has been redesigned, occupies the entire screen and is better organized.

Do not disturb the steering wheel

Apple has also introduced iOS 11 a feature to improve road safety . This is a Do Not Disturb mode for drivers. It will mute all notifications and offer an option to send an automatic reply message.

More features in iMessage

The native Apple Messaging app has also received some new features in iOS 11. It will sync all your content across all devices and has a new toolbar for emojis, stickers and other applications .

Drag and drop

One of the most important features of iOS 11 is the ability to drag and drop items such as text, images, videos and documents between different applications.

A redesigned App Store

For the second time in iOS history, Apple has revamped the user interface of the App Store . And it's a big change. His style, with iOS 11, will be more similar to Apple News or the Health app.

Augmented reality

Finally, we recommend installing iOS 11 because your internal system will have support with augmented reality , and there will be fascinating applications that take advantage of it.

7 reasons that will make you want to install iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad

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Want to take notes on your iPad or annotate documents with the Apple Pencil? Well do not stop looking at what we have prepared for you, because it is worthy of analysis. Whether you need to take handwritten notes, annotate documents, record audio, create notebooks, or even make your own fonts, the App Store has a number of great note-taking applications .


The iPad Default Notes application is a true writing and annotating program in itself, with iOS 11 adding text recognition search, online scanning and annotation, and drawing or handwriting. If you need something basic but effective , this is your application.


The application has an excellent interface full of tools to write, draw, annotate PDF files, create shapes, highlight, move objects, add audio, integrate photos and web clips and much more. You can choose from several different colored paper styles , share your notes with almost all main services and print them, as well as import them from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or a WebDAV service.
Notability also ** offers iCloud sync support ** and a complementary Mac application, since it works on both Mac and iOS. It is an excellent and well designed application if you want something a little more powerful than the default application of Notes.


GoodNotes is quite a gun: it is less intuitive than any of the other applications, but it is full of some very valuable features.
To start with, GoodNotes offers an overwhelming selection of paper types for your digital notes, including lined, graphic, design and musical notation, and there are even advanced options that allow you to load custom templates . Still, most templates are available in different paper sizes if you would like to print. GoodNotes also offers a wide range of different styles and options.
Like other applications, GoodNotes supports writing and drawing with the Apple pen using two different digital writing tools. GoodNotes has built-in handwriting recognition recognition . Although it will not automatically convert your writing to text, you can search any of them with good accuracy.
If you are looking for a more extensive option than Notability, GoodNotes is a feature rich application that is well worth downloading.

Microsoft OneNote

If you have a Microsoft account, OneNote is a good choice. Microsoft has impressed iOS enthusiasts around the world with excellent applications for iPhone and iPad, and OneNote is no different. Although you need a Microsoft or Skype account to use it, you do not need an Office 365 subscription to edit documents . That said, OneNote is primarily designed to be an import repository you can share links with OneNote laptops with the public.
OneNote is a good note-taking application and a general repository; You can write with the pencil to add photos, audio, files, PDF files and links, transcribe mathematical equations or even create a calendar .

PDF Expert 6

If you're planning to make PDF annotations and fill out forms on your iPad Pro, you can do one or two with the built-in Markup extension from Apple on iOS 11 - but for more complete annotation tools, you'll want a dedicated App to help you. There are a lot of great, but the iCloud PDF Expert sync and advanced dialing features make it fly to the top of my list.
You can open PDF files from iCloud or virtually any other online service with the application, fill out forms and sign documents, you can also work with a digital pen, a shape tool, an underline, or a highlighter option. All these changes, after saving, are not only fully editable in PDF Expert, but in applications such as Adobe Acrobat , so you can switch from Mac to PC and vice versa with your iPad.
PDF Expert also allows you to edit the structure of PDFs: You can rearrange pages, delete sections, extract parts of PDF and even add new blank pages to documents. Once you have finished with a PDF document, you can even compress it with the built-in compressor and protect sensitive documents with password.

MyScript Nebo

If what you need is handwriting conversion on the fly, Nebo is the best application out there. Forget about note-taking: If you want your scribbles converted to text, you'll need an application that supports handwriting conversion . There are applications like this, which does it completely.
It is quite simple to use and offers a soft digital pen tool in various colors . In addition, users can add content of photos and videos, diagrams and equations along with handwriting or digital.
Notes can be converted to a paragraph immediately, or you can keep these conversions if you prefer. You can also export notes such as HTML, PDF or Word . Synchronization is available through MyScript's own service, but unfortunately not on iCloud. Nebo is still the best application in the store for handwriting recognition.


The iFontMaker application allows you to create magnificent embedded fonts by handand install them on your iPad or computer.
All the tools you may be accustomed to in a desktop typography program are included, including freehand drawing , vector curves, and support for virtually all characters available for online writing, including characters for several Asian languages.
IFontMaker does not officially support the Apple pen, but it can be used without problems . If you've ever dreamed of creating your own font, iFontMaker can do it for you.

These are the applications you need to be an ace with the Apple Pencil

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Consider a situation: You receive a letter that includes a really important document inside. For this to be taken into account, it should be sent as soon as possible to an email address. However, remember that you do not have any scanners, and that you only have an iPad or an iPhone. Then, thanks to the renewed iOS 11 Notes app , you may have been saved.
The new version of iOS brings a lot of new features, but if there is something that stands out especially, it is in the aspect of productivity. One could say that iOS 11 is the most efficient mobile operating system that has been created, since it includes several utilities that drastically improve the use of the devices for certain tasks. Among them, is precisely the edition of digital documents .

Edit your documents with the help of your Apple Pencil

Thanks to the new iOS update, the Notes app has received a few new features including, for example, the ability to scan documents with the iPad or iPhone camera. To do this, just access the application, create a new note, and touch the add menu, represented by a +. There you can select the option to scan documents , which will create an image of what you want to scan.
Once you have done so, you can save the file, and, if you use an Apple Pencil, you can sign directly in the document to send it right afterwards through the share menu. You can also access from the same menu the dialing tool, which allows you to do the same function but without using an Apple Pencil . Thus, you can begin to forget the annoying scanners and have to be always close to one.

Scan, sign and send documents on iOS 11

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Do you remember the mythical dance game with which we have spent hours and hours demonstrating our little sense of rhythm? Yes, that in which we had to go treading areas that lit up as the music sounded. Well, now you can enjoy it from your mobile. Of course, the coordination will have to do with the face. Come on, facial recognition squeezed to the max .
I do not know if you've been as surprised as I am, but one thing I say: Face Dance has become a viral phenomenon in Asia simply because of the ridiculous thing. Basically, you will have to reproduce faces that we see daily in the emoji as the music is playing. To give you an idea, if the app shows a closed eye and mouth open, you'll have to replicate it accurately. How good are you gesticulating? Have you ever imitated the flamenco? And the crying emoji?
Here we leave a sample so that you can see how far some of them come:
Eye that is not simple , you will have to gesticulate, dance and make sure that you point well your grimaces towards the frontal camera of your device. The success has been such that even in social networks you can find the hashtag #FaceDanceChallenge, in which players from across Asia beat to see who can make the most ridiculous face of all.
As a trick we will tell you that it seems that the app works better in movement than leaving a fixed face . So you know, shame out and gesticulate. If you want to try it, you know that it is available for both iOS and Android and that already has 700,000 downloads since its launch in July (not free of problems and bugs due to optimization of the user experience for all types of terminals, according to Its developers), reaching number one in Thailand and Hong Kong.

This viral game allows you to use your face as a control

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One of the security mechanisms of the iPhone, the Touch ID, could have been breached in the last hours. A hacker claims to have broken the Secure Enclave and has released its encryption keys, although Apple has already confirmed that we do not have to worry because they are already working on fixing this problem.

The Touch ID has been hacked: hard hit for Apple's security

As you know, the Touch ID is the mechanism that allows us to unlock our iPhone mobiles by fingerprint recognition. The news is received precisely now that it is rumored about the location of this unlock sensor on the iPhone 8, and without creating alarm, the truth is that it is not unreasonable to imagine that can be a bump in terms of security for Apple.
The Touch ID is the mechanism in charge of unlocking our terminals with a fingerprint.
The Touch ID is the mechanism in charge of unlocking our terminals with a fingerprint.
For all those who do not know very well how the Touch ID works, there is a brief explanation: this mechanism of fingerprint unlocking works thanks to the Secure Enclave (SEP) processor, which has its own independent operating system To iOS and is in charge of unlocking the mobile device in order to access the software of the same. The interesting thing about Secure Enclave is that it generates a unique code for each device that changes every time we reboot our iPhone in order to maximize security. However, a hacker claims to have circumvented the security system and has published its encryption keys, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. This is something that according to Apple should not worry users, But when you find out that the security system on your mobile phone has been violated, it's hard not to worry.

Apple, you must take action on the matter

Something that is less curious is that the hacker himself has said that such a leak of the encryption keys of the Touch ID have a purpose: that Apple react and take more seriously the security of their devices. Although in this case a priori the hacker did not want to get personal information from users, it has made it clear that it is possible to 'break' the security systems that the Cupertino incorporate in their iPhone.
Following this leakage of the Touch ID security codes, it is demonstrated that Apple is not immune to the dangers that lurk on the internet.
Following this leakage of the Touch ID security codes, it is demonstrated that Apple is not immune to the dangers that lurk on the internet.

After the news, a spokesman for the company said the following: "There are many layers of security involved in the SEP, and access to firmware in no way provides access to user data." However, although This is true, it is possible to access the SEP and in this way endanger the security mechanisms such as the Touch ID, so now it is Apple's turn to start working to polish details and cracks that allow things like these to arrive to pass.

A hacker claims to have broken Touch ID encryption

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