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The possibility that we have a Keynote in March is taking more and more form , and that it, in addition, gives continuity to an iPhone with great repercussion for its possibilities, the iPhone SE. News that would make sense to rumors that in recent times seemed to indicate that Apple would not let go until September the opportunity to get a new product , or an improved, to relaunch their business. The news that we present today would indicate that in this case the Cupertino would present in March a Red iPhone and a iPhone SE of 128 GB . All the details below.

March could bring a Keynote with interesting news

According to a news story filtered by Macotakara today Monday, the presentation of those new iPhone is expected in March in an event oriented to the iPad. In addition, the report also indicated that Apple could launch new season bands for Apple Watch. The event is expected to be led by three new iPad, especially a 10.5-inch model that could be the new flagship design for those of the apple bite. It is speculated that the "iPad Pro 2" will come in sizes of 12.9 and 10.5 inches.

An improvement in the performance and design of the iPhones SE but with minor changes

Also in this sense Macotakara has reported on the possibility of the red color for the iPhone . The addition of a new color could be to boost the sale of the iPhone. As for an iPhone SE of 128 gigabytes, this would be a surprise , since earlier reports stated that Apple would not update its most manageable phone this year. That would be the only novelty, as it would still include an A9 processor and the lack of a touch screen with 3D Touch, such as the iPhone SE that appeared in 2016.
What do you think about this possibility, do you think this presentation is feasible in March? Your opinion is important to us.

A possible Keynote in March would bring us an iPhone Red, an iPhone SE of 128 GB and new iPad

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The dates are usually very important, an aspect that marks our agenda, or that defines if something works or is valid or not. Things like the deadlines mark the day to day of many citizens , and also of companies , therefore , one of the most important things in the world of the developers is to be attentive to the expiration dates of the certificates of developers and the To be aware of renewing them, in the conditions that are pertinent, not only the dates also import the conditions . One such neglect may end up being a big headache, as has happened recently with some applications, among them, 1Password. Full details of this incident below.

Deadlines for developer certificates are to be met

This past weekend, a certificate issued by Apple to access iCloud services expired , as expected. However this fact coupled with a change in the way Apple handled the application search had unforeseen side effects. As a result, leading users of 1Password, PDFPen and Soulver, among others, discovered that applications that depended on the certificate crashed on startup . Apple's change in handling that variable meant that simply renewing the certificate was not enough to restore functionality. A series of protocols were necessary that were not fulfilled and for that reason fell several services like the mentioned ones mentioned above.

A headache for many iPhone application users

As we said from 1Password, " we knew our developer certificate was going to expire on Saturday , but we did not think of anything because we thought they were only needed when a new version was released, " they said in an entry for his blog. Apparently, that's not the case. In fact, it had the unexpected side effect of causing macOS to refuse to launch 1Password correctly, "they finished.
Applications sold through the Mac App Store are signed by Apple, not by the developer. Because of this, only applications that are sold out of the application store, and therefore need "rights" are affected by the problem.
What do you think about this problem, have you suffered these days? We would like to hear your opinion.

The expiration of several certificates of developers causes the fall of applications like 1Password

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After debuting in November with a very aggressive sales strategy, Snapchat's social spectacles, called Spectacles, can now be purchased from the company's website . Currently available only officially for the United States .

Snapchat glasses, a resounding success

Last November the Spectacles were put on sale, very special spectacles that arrived at the users of a very curious form . To do this, the company had designed vending machines as a robot, called Snapbot. These robots appeared every day in a location that was announced a few hours in advance and with a limited number of units . Thanks to this strategy, they have become something unreachable and desired by the followers of the social network. It was not strange to see huge queues of people next to the Snapbot to try and get one.
Snapchat's chief executive, Evan Spiegel, describes the response since the start of the vending machines in California and New York . The company has generated significant revenues, which are expected to exceed the costs of production and operation related to glasses in the near future .

Available for $ 129.99 in the US, but outside, they are a much desired object

Since today the strategy for the Spectacles has changed. If you live in the United States, you can buy them on your website at the usual price of $ 129.99 with an estimated shipment of 2 to 4 weeks . But if you want to get one in a different country, you only have to go to eBay and get ready to pay the price of exclusivity .

Despite the online distribution , Snapchat will continue to temporarily install its Snapbots in different locations so that more people have access to their glasses . Meanwhile, it looks like they are already working on a smarter new edition , and who knows, maybe trading their Apple sale .
And to you, what do you think of the Spectacles? Do you think its demand is justified? And the price at which they reach other countries?

Spectacles, Snapchat glasses already sold online in the US

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Apple has returned to the betas, and it is not for less since iOS 10.3 beta 3 has already been released along with watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 beta 3. These versions will be important since in the case of watchOS adds a new mode Of cinema , in which the Apple Watch will be totally isolated of the movements that we do with the wrist, something very useful in places where we do not want that the intelligent light of the clock acts.

The Apple Watch and the Apple TV 4 way to continue improving with watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2

As for the previous versions, in addition to the cinema mode in the Apple Watch, those of Cupertino have included SiriKit for the application developers. What does this mean? Apple will be able to give developers the power to include Siri in their applications for Apple Watch, something similar to what iOS 10 is already doing. As for the users, we will be able to use Siri with Telegram, Twitter, and other applications that Are compatible with Apple Watch. 
For the Apple TV, the improvements are several in the internal, but in the visual we can notice a great change in the displacement of the applications. When we have tvOS 10.2 we will see that changing applications and scrolling through the main menu will be faster , thanks to APIs UIKit and TVMLKit.

WatchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2, what's new?

Apple as it always reports, improvements in device performance and bug fixes that have existed during previous betas. Are there any new visuals? We believe that Apple will only stick with what has already been in the previous betas, it is somewhat complicated that Apple include some new improvement in a third beta.
We look forward to the final versions of watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2, as well as iOS and macOS. ¿What do you think about watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2? Will Apple Watch and Apple TV perform better? Share your opinions with us in the comment box.

WatchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 beta 3 now available for developers

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Like iOS 10.3 beta 2, beta 2 of MacOS 10.12.4 came out at the beginning of February. Two weeks later Apple releases MacOS 10.12.4 beta 3. In this release, Apple will strive to bring better performance for all Mac compatible, as well as features that can complement the experience in the operating system.

MacOS 10.12.4, previous beta

The best inclusion in this new version is Night Shift , the mode that allows to put a screen with higher temperature of color in iOS and will arrive in Mac like a native function. Something that may interest the fans of cricket, is that Siri can already inform you about this sport. As an internal enhancement , Apple has updated the PDFKit API. This will allow you to view PDF files in different third-party applications because several errors were reported specifically in Preview.
The most outstanding thing that remains for now is rumor, is that the source code of the previous beta released information on new MacBook Pro . The update would mainly include the new Intel processors, which would become the Kaby Lake generation. Other improvements would be involved in processing speed and graphics card. 

MacOS 10.12.4 beta 3, what's new?

We will be very aware about the news that can shed this new beta. To mention that Apple always makes the internal improvements in security and performance, this you will notice if you upgrade from beta 2 to beta 3. The most advisable (to want to try these betas) is to subscribe to Apple's public beta program , Which is a free program. We leave the following link in case you are interested in having the betas of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4.

MacOS 10.12.4 beta 3 available for developers

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Ireland is in the middle of fighting (along with Apple) in the case of taxes allegedly defrauded against the EU. A report commissioned by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a prestigious consulting firm, claims that Apple has acted in a fiscally efficient manner for years in Ireland .

Ireland and its tax defense spending in the case of Apple

This report delivered by Ireland to the EU last February came to try to support the Cupertino firm by the Irish government. Recall that the European Union claims that Ireland granted " illegal tax benefits " worth close to 13,000 million euros.
The Irish Department of the Treasury refused to make this report public earlier, arguing that the information included in the report is fairly " commercially sensitive " and would not affect the public interest in general. When the Irish government was asked why this report was commissioned, a government spokesman preferred to highlight the cost breakdown (published by Finance Minister Michael Noonan) that Ireland has been spending so far because of this case.
Earlier this month, it was detailed that Ireland has spent more than 1.8 million euros in legal expenses because of this case. Most of these costs are due to the remuneration that the country of Ireland is carrying out to the representative lawyers. The most striking fact is that PricewaterhouseCoopers has received a total of 595,400 euros ($ 632,200) in fees.

The European Union is not in favor of Ireland's appeal

In a European Commission statement on its ruling in the case of alleged defrauded taxes, Ireland believed that the PricewaterhouseCoopers report "supported its position " that the benefit attributed to Irish companies in Apple (Apple Sales International and Apple Operations International ), Was " backed by the Irish Revenue agreement of 1991 and 2007.
This agreement details the way in which multinational companies move money between different entities in a way that reflects the economic reality of them, a principle that the EU generally always agrees with when these companies pay their taxes.
Although the PricewaterhouseCoopers report argued that Apple's allocation of profits followed the previous principle, the European Commission disagrees, criticizing PricewaterhouseCoopers' reports and suggesting that it " misinterpreted the OECD-authorized approach " for attribution Of profits.

The decision of this case will be extended

Both Apple and Ireland have appealed the decision of the European Commission , which requires the back payment of the 13 billion euros accumulated by Apple in taxes not paid thanks to the legislation of Ireland. For its part, Ireland defends its tax system despite the fact that the EU has already stated that the European country used " financial engineering " so that big companies like Apple, managed to pay less the best tax bill possible.
It is believed that the appeals process could take four to five years, however, Feargal O'Rourke PricewaterhouseCoopers' tax advisor trusts that the EU decision could be overturned . What we have clear is that the legal battle will continue to be present for a long time.

Ireland spends 440,000 euros on a report to defend Apple in alleged tax evasion in the EU

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Apple does not stop promoting the iPhone 7 and its new camera with the campaign One Night. Cities like Tokyo, Shanghai, New York and Johannesburg are the new scenarios of four new ads completely spectacular. As is a custom, video clips are 16 seconds in which the best photos combined with fast time-lapse videos.

Apple continues to promote iPhone 7 with One Night

As we can see in these ads that can be seen below, they mix the best environments captured in photographs and videos, in which the factor of night can be appreciated in a good way. Many users doubt the visual quality of these photographs, as there are other competitors in the high-end market where the quality of low-light photos are very good, the iPhone 7 and especially the iPhone 7 Plus are not far behind. 
As we discussed yesterday during the day, Apple will now rely on ads by regions , that is, will be detached from global marketing campaigns. In their own opinion, this suits those of Cupertino to be able to establish themselves with the clients of a determined country.
They are advertisements that reflect the culture of each country and the style of the people residing in these places. Apple has always wagered to reflect the essence of each product that has in these ads can reflect the essence of each city and better that all this is captured with the camera of an iPhone 7.

And portrait mode is not far behind

Minutes after releasing these videos, Apple uploaded two new ads focused on portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus. The dynamic is the same as the previous ones, to show the differences that exist between a photograph taken in the normal way and with the portrait mode. The videos are as follows:
What do you think about these One Night campaign ads? Does Apple promote the use of its fantastic camera? Share your opinions with us in the comment box.

One Night in Four Cities, Spectacular Photographs Taken with the iPhone 7

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Apple Pay continues its slow but steady growth . The functionality already presented by the Cupertino people is experiencing many difficulties to expand as quickly as Tim Cook would have wanted, and is that each country has its own legislation , with different characteristics, and therefore there must be many negotiations prior to The arrival of the payment service of the bite apple. Therefore, its growth is slow, although solid, because little by little it is opening market and establishing itself. Now it seems that it will be the turn of two important European countries, Italy and Germany, then all the details.

The Apple Pay service continues its growth adding two new countries, Italy and Germany

Image: 9to5Mac
As reported by the Polish website iMagazine there are a handful of clues on the Apple website that suggest that Apple Pay could soon reach Germany and Italy. This is not the first time we have heard that Apple Pay would come to Germany. In October last year, Apple's German website accidentally housed a couple of German-language documents suggesting Apple would soon launch Apple Pay in the country. Those documents have been deleted, but during the last week, a couple of additional documents for Germany and Italy have been discovered which include screenshots .

The bare writings seem to indicate that Apple Pay would be closer to reaching these countries

Apparently there is a new page "About Apple Pay" available in German and Italian languages and each page is a screenshot showing a city for their respective country. The page of Germany shows Frankfurt, while the page of Italy shows Verona. In addition, there are now translations in the Italian language and German in the list of Apple Pay Banks websites, although there are still no banks listed for either country.
What do you think about this, Italy and Germany will soon see Apple's payment service? Your opinion is important to us.

Italy and Germany would be the next countries to receive Apple Pay

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The competition for the Apple TV begins its landing in certain countries of Europe , as is the case of the United Kingdom, a tool that comes to put the difficult things to those of Cupertino by the control of the Living Room of many citizens. That is why from April will arrive the Amazon tool to the country of Brexit in October . An important step and gateway to other countries in Europe, which once achieved will trigger a major battle between Apple and Amazon for this expanding sector. The question is, will this year the Amazon Fire TV to Spain? I get wet, and I'll give you my opinion.

Amazon Fire TV will begin its landing in Europe in the UK of Brexit

Amazon's Fire TV device, with built-in Alexa, will hit the UK after launching in the United States in October. The TV device will make its debut in the country on April 6 and is priced at 40 pounds, with Amazon already allowing pre-orders. very economical and functional possibility that is very likely to make things very difficult for Apple TV, not only because it is of quality and at very tight prices, but also because Amazon has its own distribution channels that allow them to easily reach the consumers.

Will Amazon Fire TV arrive in Spain this year?

I honestly have to say that I think so, probably for summer , or very late , in the dates from September to October to warm up the holidays, as a very easy gift to get and give away. It is obvious that by language, and having left the device in October, arrives before to the United Kingdom, and that soon, and being the Spanish language being the third most spoken in the world (the first is Chinese and the second English), It is more than credible that the next step is the Spanish-speaking market.
What do you think about this, will arrive soon and this year the Amazon Fire TV to Spain? Your opinion matters to us.

Amazon Fire TV lands in Europe with arrival in the UK in April

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Intelligent speakers, capable of giving all connected homes the ability to install their own "Jarvis" to be able to direct all the functions of the same with the sound of our voice, are being a relative success . While it has become clear that the launch of the Amazon Echo has had some really good results for its creators , it is not the same with its competitors, like Google Home, which seems to be not working as well as expected at first.
After all, people do not completely understand the concept of the smart home , and therefore do not see the need to buy one of these devices, since they see no other utility. Well, it seems that after working on a similar system to compete with Amazon and Google, Apple also fails to integrate into its ecosystem, at least for the time being.

Siri is part of the devices, not a device itself

Siri on iOS
According to one of Time's articles, it seems Apple would not be working right now on a smart speaker with integrated Siri . The company would be developing a series of improvements for its voice assistant, however, these would be directed to improve the integration with the devices, and not to work independently.
Thus, the Cupertino would follow a strategy very similar to that already followed by Microsoft with its assistant, Cortana . They would not look for the wizard to have independence from other devices, but their goal would be to unite them even more to simplify the use of these thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence that are appearing.
Personally, I still wish Apple took the step to bring Siri to every corner of my house, but I understand that for now, it does not make much sense to remove it from the devices currently supported by the wizard. First, you should try to reach Alexa and Google Assistant .

At Apple would not be interested in creating a competitor for the Amazon Echo

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Each year, various companies dedicated to the study of business trends focus their attention on one of the aspects that, at the moment, becomes more important, the reputation of the brand. And it is increasingly important to maintain a clean brand of disaster to prevent customers from thinking negatively about the company when trying to decide on the purchase of a particular product or service.
In these years, and with the level of diffusion that has been achieved with social networks, the reputation of the brand is almost representative of the company's own reputation. And with the media trying to get news out of every detail, it 's very important to work on maintaining this reputation , and of course, know how to fix the problems that happen over time, because there will always be problems.

Apple falls to fifth place, Samsung, to the forty-ninth

Apple reputation rank
In 2016, we have seen how some of the big technology companies have gone through a bad stretch , of which they are still recovering. In the case of Apple, we have seen how it avoided helping a federal investigation, which could have resulted in the fall to fifth place. But that's nothing compared to the blow that has taken Samsung because of its recent problems with batteries of the Galaxy Note7, which almost leave him out of the Top 50.
Of course, it should be noted that these results published by The Harris Poll are the result of a population sample that may not correspond with a global opinion as it is a survey aimed at American citizens. However, it is enough information to be able to say that Apple continues to do a great job to continue safeguarding its reputation , even when the government is against it.

Apple is ranked as the fifth best-reputed American company

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