Wednesday, October 26, 2016


On this day, Google released a new update of its search application dedicated for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With the version number version 20.3, the app has integrated the ability to pre-visualize Google Now cards through the 3D Touch on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus iPhone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
To access this new feature, only to press on a card within the application to take a look at its contents , and then slide up to access a number of additional options or push harder to open the card mode full screen.
As mentioned, if it slides up when inspecting a card, now a number of options are displayed at the bottom of the screen that allows you to copy the URL, share the item using the multi - purpose sheet "Share" of iOS and more .
You can see other options on the menu depending on the type of Google Now card being viewed. Aside from using 3D Touch to preview the cards in your feed, this update of the Google application does not contain other exterior improvements.
The app can be downloaded for free from here .
On the other hand, yesterday also Google Maps for iOS was updated , which includes some new features like the added delivery services popular food, support more codes, identifiers for sites that do not have their own address and other benefits . These new features are required to have installed Google Maps for iOS 4.24 or later, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.
It should be noted that the food delivery services such as GrubHub, Seamless, EatStreet, Eat 24 are not available in all countries, so the Google Maps app would be limited in this respect.

Google updates its search application dedicated to IOS

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It seems that Apple plans to present at the event to be held tomorrow, a new application that will allow people to find new programs based on what they see on an Apple TV.
The application has been described as "The Watch List" from the inner circles of the Cupertino company, but it is speculated to take a different name when really it is released to the public. It is not yet known exactly how the application would work, or even what platforms appear in it, but the main concept is to centralize the recommendations of the multiple content providers .
The application may be a ploy by Apple to attract multiple content providers for the Apple TV, giving them a place to advertise their programs.
This feature could be related, or be the same, that the rumored " viewing guide" for the Apple TV, but industry executives previously said they are concerned that the guidance would reduce its ability to promote their own programs .
It is worth mentioning that the usefulness of the application as a guide and / or recommendations for programs, may be dependent on the availability of support for single sign on Apple TV.
The feature was originally to be published with TVOS 10 but it seems that there are still some details to polish, even after TVOS 10.0.1 update which took place this week, which could mean that Apple will release another update TVOS Thursday.
Apparently, the Cupertino company has had a very busy weeks (especially the last two), where constant release of betas of its main software products were, up to the corresponding final versions, such as happened with Sierra iOS and macOS 10.1 10.12.1. Now only hope that we will bring tomorrow's event where the new line of Macs will be presented.

Apple plans to announce a new app that will help you discover TV shows

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All we really know that normally this time of year we usually get to dress up with different themes, as we like, some of animals , other movie characters, famous racing drivers, anyway ...
This time we'll talk a costume that may be very appealing to many either, is being trend right now, and as we say it is a flagship Costume Halloween.

Pokémon and Halloween

This time we will not talk, in the famous global events organized by these developers Niantic who are always aware of all these requests personally make each of its users to simply day after day go better and better on this game .
Otherwise it has to do with pokémon , as it is a global trend right now, for all ages and are buying those iconic costumes which are based on many of the characters of pokémon, all for the great trend that has or It is causing the video game Pokémon go worldwide.
This happens because thanks to the fanaticism or, so to speak affection you have many users in this game tend to want to be represented as a great pikachu , as we have seen on the web.
This clearly happens in the great controversy that has been known to cause this game, globally, as many people practice or came to practice on their behalf augmented reality.
Similarly we have seen the migration of many users simply go on this, although as the game does not have that great popularity a few months ago is still daily news to many or many users, who come to the point want to be one of these characters, at the time of Halloween.
Sweet or trick?, Do you get to be either submitted in one of these ?. I think that if you're a fan really transcendent level that saw the series and now you become a trainer pokémon safest thing is that you get to dress up one of these characters, be yourself and enjoy your holidays with responsibility.

Halloween Costumes badge

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With the latest updates have video calls Whatsapp . This feature has already begun to implement many accounts Whatsapp users.For now the emergence of this option is totally random . Despite this some forums found methods to accelerate the possibility of this feature. Some time ago we talked about the possibility that this happened.
Whatsapp Messenger allow messages and media cite soon sent messages, and revealed the forthcoming inclusion of video calls.
With this new option we see every day are easier communications through our devices. The option to only use one program to send messages, have voice and video calls is most appealing. This spells the end of such charges as we know them. Within a short time to have a good amount of mobile data contract we will not need anything else
Anyway we will have to see how this service works. For some time we voice we call via Whatsapp but these are nothing popular. In part this is because not everyone has large amounts of data, both users have to use their connection to make the call, and the quality of these calls also leaves to be desired. Hopefully these functions are diligent in order to use them as usual.
Whatsapp video calls


As mentioned for now this option is being activated randomly on devices. Still we have a "trick" to increase our chances.
For this simply have to delete the application and then install it to return to loguearnos. We'll have to repeat this action until pressing the call button on a conversation we leave the video call option. We recall that by doing this we will lose our entire conversation history. To fix just have to save it before deleting the application.
It should be noted that both users must have the same version of the application so that the call can be made.
Hopefully soon Whatsapp enable it to all users and can actually see if it works well when millions of people use it at the same time.

Whatsapp introduces video calls on Android and here we explain how to get them

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Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, expressed his opinion about the artificial intelligence and connection technology with privacy.
During the conference results of the fiscal quarter Apple between July and September where we saw the first decline in company revenue since 2001, in the round of questions Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about a recurring theme in recent times : artificial intelligence.Let 's see what you have to say.

Tim Cook thinks about artificial intelligence and privacy

Tim Cook
As we can see in MacRumors , Tim Cook was asked about the field of artificial intelligence in which is Siri as well as on various issues such as mobile virtual assistants and home and where is the user's privacy with this type of technology.
Tim Cook started showing some data that record the popularity it has acquired Siri with time and perhaps by opening developers that Apple iOS implemented in 10; in this way, we can see that Siri is receiving more than 2 million requests per week . He also stressed the global nature of the virtual assistant home versus other competitive operating only in the United States.
Regarding the virtual assistants at home, these were the words expressed by Apple CEO stating the value of an assistant on mobile versus one that is in the home :
"We live in a society where people always walk from one side to another, and have an assistant on mobile helps them a lot because it has the advantage that is always with you"

Tim Cook stated that the user privacy is ensured

As for privacy and user safety when using this type of technology, he said Tim Cook is no need to compromise safety to productively use artificial intelligence . The company believes it can get privacy and security, without having to choose one of the two, even in the field of artificial intelligence. In this regard, he said Tim Cook from Apple different methods for Apple services do not store user data are used including Siri.
As you can see, Tim Cook has left no issue in the ink assuring consumers that their privacy and security is supported from the company, and also in the field of artificial intelligence. Do you think that security is at odds with the use of artificial intelligence?

Tim Cook expressed his opinion about artificial intelligence and information privacy

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In yesterday, Apple presented its financial results for its fourth fiscal quarter , which were not very positive for the giant apple, because Apple has suffered the first drop in revenues since 2001. This has affected the actions of the company they have plunged 3%. 

The stock market punishes the poor economic performance of Apple

Following the announcement of economic bad that Apple had, the Nasdaq Stock Market (New York) has dawned with harsh punishments for the Cupertino company . To give you an idea, Apple closed yesterday with a value of $ 118.25 per share , and at the moment I'm writing this, it is at $ 114.49. 
This represents a 3.18% lower than yesterday and loss of $ 3.76 , representing a bump on your powered wearing very stable enough sessions, and have therefore today jumped all alarms in Cupertino.
But anyway we must wait to see how the value of the shares throughout the day progresses. This is because, as you can see in the upper graph, although it has had a bump in the log, is to rise, something that can be encouraging for those of Cupertino and close the session today with fewer losses compared to the losses that had early in the morning.
With that Apple is paying the first drop in income has had since 2001 he suffered yesterday. This demonstrates the confidence that investors have shown Apple and hopefully assume a warning for those of Cupertino and draw tomorrow a product to the height to pull them out of that hole.
What do you think about this bump that Apple has had traded? Do you think it has been a wakeup call for investors? Let us in the comment box all your impressions about this information.

Apple shares on the stock market fell by 3% after tax results report

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What a news! Apple delays launch of its AirPods, new star wireless headphones that promise to be the best of the best, and that will serve useful to the recent release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus no 3.5mm jack. The statement provided to TechCrunch , Apple mentions that needs a little more time before the AirPods are ready for customers.They do not have an estimated time, so they do not want to start distributing a product that is not ready.

What could be the reason for the delay?

An exact reason does not exist until now, although the most logical thing would be that Apple has found flaws in the sound, the same will have to be repaired before being thrown in the sale . It 's a bit strange that Apple is found wrapped in a situation like this, but it is not the first time something like this happens. Speaking of software, saw its output watchOS 2 days after its official date because a major bug that could jeopardize the proper functioning of the Apple Watch was found. 
Tomorrow we could learn more about this, if Tim Cook is encouraged to rule on this issue.Remember that tomorrow is day Keynote, see new Mac in addition to disclose relevant information about Apple services , especially with Apple Pay that continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Do AirPods change the direction of the market of wireless headphones?

If all goes well, and Apple throws in accordance with the provisions, the AirPods be in the cross hairs of all consumers in the world. While it is true that not much steady wins, Apple should work bu on pace without compromising the quality of a product that promises much , this being a product of first impressions looks great, perhaps with a design not so innovative but with technology that will work well for many of us, especially those carrying an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Apple delays launch of AirPods

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Apple is still working on building the Apple Campus 2, but today we learned that the opening has been postponed three months after the scheduled date. This was announced by Apple in the program update the construction of the Campus . 

The Apple Campus 2 delayed its opening three months

We will have to wait until the end of the third quarter to attend the opening of the Apple Campus 2. Although facilities activity begin much earlier, expected in early 2017 as Tim Cook said in an internal meeting with employees.
This plan is a delay of three months , hopefully not be delayed much longer and can see the future presentations of big bite of the apple in the auditorium of the Apple Campus 2. In previous posts we said goodbye to the auditoriums where Apple usually presented its products, since in theory, the presentation of the iPhone's 10th anniversary, would be presented in the auditorium of Apple Campus 2 which has a capacity to accommodate up to 1000 people.
Although it appears that there would be more noticeable delays since only would lack the yard work that we would see throughout the second quarter. Then we'll put pictures of what advanced the Apple Campus 2 , as seen in images taken by the US media 9to5Mac.
Apple Campus 2 October
Images taken 9to5Mac
We see that much progress is being made in the constructions of the Apple Campus 2 andhope that the presentation of the iPhone 8 can take place in the auditorium of this building , even if it means Apple can not afford any further delay.

Apple postpones the conclusion of the Apple Campus 2 to mid-2017

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Hacked App:The Blockheads v1.6.2
iTunes Link:
Bundle ID:com.majicjungle.blockheads

Hack Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
- Unlimited jet-pack fuel
- High view radius
- Unlimited health
- Unlimited happiness
- Unlimited environment
- Unlimited energy
- No collapse
- Unlimited saturation (no hunger)
- Unlimited coins
- One hit kill
& much more! 


Installation Instructions:
Step 1: Download the hack file from the link above.
Step 2: Copy the file over to your iDevice using any file managers mentioned above or skip this step if you're downloading from your iDevice.
Step 3: Using iFile or Filza, browse to where you saved the downloaded deb file and tap on it.
Step 4: Once you tap on the file, you will then need to press on 'Installer' or 'Install' from the options on your screen.
Step 5: Let iFile / Filza finish the installation.
Step 6: Once the installation is finished, open the app and enjoy the hack!

HACK The Blockheads v1.6.2

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Touch week of events and has been today when Microsoft's open season with the presentation of the new Surface Book i7 that come to wear it very difficult for the MacBook that will be presented tomorrow -and those who expect great things -.
However, in NewCydiaTweaks we prefer to focus on the present and, as there are still a few hours for this presentation, the toughest rivals for new Surface Book i7 MacBook Pro are - namely those of 13 inches, similarities in size- so from here we decided to carry out a comparison between these two devices to see which of them will become the best.

Book Surface vs i7 13-inch MacBook Pro

The new Surface Book i7 brings, as we see in his own name, the new generation of Intel Core i7 processor -Skylake-, which is accompanied by 8 or 16 GB of RAM, depending on the version you choose. Besides this, we have implemented significant improvements in the screen, which now has the Stunning PixelSense technology and battery, which prolongs its duration to 16 hours video playback. As for the storage of 256 GB, which will along with 8 GB of RAM, although there are other versions of 512 GB and 1 TB which will have 16 GB of RAM.

In contrast, the MacBook Pro (specifically version 512 GB of storage), mounts an Intel Core i5 dual - core processor GHz to 2.9, but offers a configuration option with the Intel Core i7 dual - core to 3, 1GHz, so it has nothing to envy the new Surface Book, at least potentially.
The screen, as in the vast majority of Apple devices, makes use of the Retina technology and battery stoically maintained in the 12 hours video playback, giving a slight advantage to the alternative of Microsoft in terms of autonomy but not position itself as the clear winner in the other sections, such as design, which we think is best built the model of Cupertino.
MacBook Pro 13-inch-
Microsoft Surface Book i7MacBook Pro 13 "
Dimensions312 mm x 232 mm x 13 to 22.8 mm314 mm x 219 mm x 18 mm
Weight1.64 kg1.58 kg
screen13.5 inches PixelSense13.3-inch IPS Retina
Pixel density267 PPI227 PPI
ProcessorIntel Core i7 sixth generationIntel Core i5 dual-core 2.9 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.3 GHz)
RAM8/16 GB8/16 GB
OSWindows 10Mac OS Sierra
Storage256GB / 512GB / 1TB512 GB / 1 TB
GraphNVIDIA GeForce GTX 965m 2GB GDDR5Intel Iris Graphics 6100
BatteryUp to 16 hours of video playbackUp to 12 hours of video playback
Othersfacial recognition, Surface ConnectTouch Trackpad Force,
Starting priceFrom 2399 to 3299 euros1999 euros

Will it survive the 2016 MacBook?

This new Surface Book i7 becomes one of the heavyweights of 2017 , but it remains to be seen whether the new MacBook Pro 2016 does not make you spend more than a pinch, because probably bring innovation that Microsoft has made this year by the path.
With this new iteration we see improvements in most sections but remains far from bringing an important new level of Magic Toolbar that will bring new MacBook Pro . Therefore, although surely be a success in sales, difficult paints that can keep the guy in front of the news that Apple will bring us tomorrow.

Surface facing the new MacBook Pro i7 Book

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