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Hacked App: Pokemon: Magikarp Jump By The Pokemon Company
iTunes Link:émon-magikarp-jump/id1162679453?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4
Bundle ID: jp.pokemon.koiking

Hack Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
- PreferenceLoader (from Cydia).

Hack Features:
Unlimited Coins (Buy Food or Training Items)
Unlimited Diamonds (ReFish to get Diamonds) --> How to Refish
Manaphy Food Fever Always Available
Pokemon Support Skill Always Available

Installation Instructions:
STEP 1 Download the .deb Cydia hack file from the link above.
STEP 2 Copy the file over to your iDevice using any of the file managers mentioned above or skip this step if you're downloading from your iDevice.
STEP 3 Using iFile or Filza, browse to where you saved the downloaded .deb file and tap on it.
STEP 4 Once you tap on the file, you will then need to press on 'Installer' or 'Install' from the options on your screen.
STEP 5 Let iFile / Filza finish the cheat installation. Make sure it successfully installs, otherwise see the note below.
STEP 6 Now open your iDevice settings and scroll down until you see the settings for this cheat and tap on it.
STEP 7 Turn on the features you want and then open the game.

HACK Pokémon: Magikarp Jump v1.0.2 +4 [Unlimited Diamonds + More]

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Hacked App: ROCKY™ By Tapinator, Inc. v1.1
Requires: iOS 7.0 or later.
Price: Free
Updated: 2017-03-29T21:43:49Z
iTunes URL:

Hack Requirements:
- Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.
- Cydia Substrate (from Cydia).
Hack Works only with ARM64 Device

Hack Features:
Instant Max Combo (Works in the PVP mode)

HACK ROCKY™ By Tapinator Inc. v1.1 [Instant Max Combo]

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Needless to say and repeat that WhatsApp is the queen of instant messaging applications. However, it is not the best. Personally I prefer Telegram: more complete, more secure, more options, etc. Still, I repeat, WhatsApp is the preferred and most used by users .
It is very common to accumulate and accumulate conversations in the application, conversations that we may not open again until after a good time. And that's where one of my favorite features of Telegram comes in: the possibility of posting messages in the subsequent paste . That way the most important and most used chats are always up. This is something they are working on at WhatsApp and we will probably see it very soon.
And while we wait for this fantastic new feature, we can use these five tricks that will help us to better organize the application.

Archive and delete

If you are one of those who has the messy WhatsApp, with thousands of conversations without any importance. Really that's space that is being taken up in our device. That's why we recommend that you use the archive and delete options .
It will depend on yourself which conversations you want to archive, which will be saved in the archived chats folder, and which ones you want to delete forever, as you may imagine, they will not be able to be retrieved again.

Highlight messages

Favorite WhatsApp on iPhone
This is not the first time we recommend this trick. The truth is that I find it really useful. We refer to the trick of highlighting messages within a conversation for later access to "Featured Messages" and see all those we have highlighted.
To highlight a message will suffice to keep this pressed and give the star that appears, simulating the "favorite."

Mark messages as unread

Let's get in the situation: We are at work and send us a message that requires attention hours later, for example, 9 at night (21:00 hours). To not forget him we can mark that conversation as unread and it will appear as if we just received it, seeing that we have a conversation pending in WhatsApp.
To do this, slide the conversation to the left and mark it as unread.
These are the tricks that will help us to have the most organized WhatsApp application, we hope that they help you achieve that goal. Do not forget to leave your impressions in the comments and share in social networks to help as more people better .

3 tips to get better on WhatsApp

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The Apple Watch is a great device, whether you use it or for sports as well. Although a study reveals that the calories that this counts could even duplicate the originals, so they are not entirely real.
However, since NewCydiaTweaks we believe that there are many ways to take advantage of Apple Watch and thanks to 9to5mac we bring some tips or tricks to get the most out of the device.

1. "Hey Siri, start a walk outdoors"

Siri is a great life companion. And each time more. So much so that you can start a training with just lift your wrist and say "Hey Siri, I want to walk for 5 kilometers". And Siri will begin a training with these characteristics: walking up to 5 kilometers.
But you can also start an open , goal-free training. That is, you can tell Siri "Hey Siri, I want to start a running training". There you will not have established time, calories or a goal. It will be as much as you want .

2. Register your workouts

Apple Watch training
Although Apple Watch records all the movements that we perform during the day, whether or not they are dedicated to training, it is best to register aside the training you do.
The Apple Watch keeps the heart rate sensor on at all times for measurements. However, this will perform better measurements if you know that you are exercising. It will even map distance and movement more accurately.

3. Bring the iPhone on?

Although the Apple Watch S2 has built-in GPS, it does not have the previous ones and that almost forces to carry the iPhone over whenever we require the GPS. So if you have an Apple Watch S2 and you go out to exercise, you do not have to carry your iPhone . Of course, remember that you will not have access to calls, notifications, etc., without the iPhone connection.
However, those who have an earlier Apple Watch and want to account for their exercise with GPS mapping are lost unless they bring their iPhone up, which makes training somewhat more "cumbersome."

4. Save battery in long workouts

Apple Watch on the iPhone
The Apple Watch battery is not one of its advantages, however it is not the worst battery device on the market. Generally it lasts between the day or day and a half, which forces the user to load it daily if he does not want to stay half a day with a clock that does not give nor the hour. Apple offers two options to save battery in case this is beginning to falter at some point of the day.
The first option is to use the battery saving mode , but Apple states that with this option enabled the monitoring of the calories burned will not be as accurate as this mode deactivates the heart rate sensor to save battery. You can activate it from the iPhone in: My watch> General training> Power saving mode.
The second option is to associate a Bluetooth heart rate sensor with Apple Watch. The disadvantage of this option is that it is more expensive than the previous one. In fact, the former has no cost.

5. Sync music on your Apple Watch

If you are going to go jogging without carrying the iPhone and want to listen to music in the training process this fifth tip is very important.
It's important that before you go to sync the music in your Apple Watch , you can do it through playlists. For example, you can create a playlist called "Training" and synchronize it with the Apple Watch to listen to it offline when you go to work and do not have the iPhone.
Remember that you will need a Bluetooth headset to connect them to the Apple Watch, as these do not have headphone output.

6. Use third-party applications

Third-party applications can also be a great choice . Especially if we know which ones to use. There are applications such as Nike + Run, Strava, RunKeeper, etc. It is best that you try all those that catch your attention and you stay with the one that best suits your needs.

Get the most out of your Apple Watch with these tips

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The Californian company Apple has always said phrases, many of them similar, but always with a clear message: " The moment you use a product of our company, you will completely forget the rest ." One of the best tricks of this brand has always been its slogans and this could not be less.

Apple is always the first in everything

Keynote WWDC 2012
Many users of the gadgets of this company, affirm that Apple was pioneer in bringing to the market a graphical interface, which is rotundly false. This belief is not because the Cupertino were the first in this, but have been able to take advantage and take the best possible moment to announce it.
There are also people who believe that Apple invented the tablets, with the output of his revolutionary iPad, this is another huge myth and false in this case. The tablets in particular , have their birth in the 60's with the launch of the DynaBook , created by Alan Kay. Microsoft also benefited from these patents, launching a range of tablets at the beginning of the century that we are, without much success.

Apple invented the applications

To send messages without internet with WhatsApp
Another lie as a temple, but due to the abbreviation of app, it is believed that it was the apple company who invented them. In part they are right, as it was the iPhone 2G, launched 10 years ago by the father and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs , who popularized the use of these and the applications themselves.
But this, like the previous myth, is false, since a company called Palm, at the beginning of the century, in the year 2002 to be exact, began to develop and take to the market the first smartphones of the time. This was not the only one, but the best known, thanks to terminals like the new TreoSmartphone, this was the pioneer in implementing the wireless connection, access to our email and so on.

Apple products can not be infected

MacBook concept without keyboard
This is another rumor that has circulated over many years on the internet, but as the title says, it is false. The great security brand Sophos, published in his blog something very interesting: malware has been circulating on Mac for almost three decades . It is also true that if we look at Microsoft, this would be one of the few aspects that win against Apple, have more chances of being infected.
Our dear company of Cupertino has many myths and urban legends that will pursue it forever, but we must also say that more than baseless claims, like all previous ones, its list of revolutionary successes and launches is much longer than this.

Fake myths about Apple

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As we can see here, the great Swedish brand of furniture and all kinds of home accessories, IKEA, seems to have a quality in common with our beloved Californian firm, as both like to innovate in the world of electronics , not At the same level as Apple would, but above its own competition.
This is not the first step in IKEA's domestic innovation, because as we saw earlier, they brought to the market furniture that we could not even imagine for years, such as chests or tables that could charge our mobile phone . Already in their day, they announced the intelligent light bulbs .
The technology that these bulbs use is called TRÅDFRI , these simple lights will turn our house into something we saw in films with a more futuristic character, since thanks to assistant home to the California firm, the Apple HomeKit, can control the lights of Our address by voice control.

The revolutionary light bulb

Apple homekit
Thanks to the success that voice assistants are having today, we could soon see all this as a common thing, since as this became popular, they would also increase the sales of these light bulbs, to this we must add that they are compatible with our mobile phones And this makes us have another reason to acquire several of them.
Many lamps have been invented many years ago by clapping, and now we could have a whole house at our mercy , only in words to perform an action that not long ago could be considered science fiction. The speed with which technology advances today is incredible.
This new lighting system is another attempt by IKEA to have our home more connected to electronics and to get used to living day by day in a more comfortable and close future, to the point where all or almost all The household chores can be made in this innovative way.
Apple presenting Homekit
When we think of furniture, immediately the first thing that comes to mind is IKEA and its famous myths to assemble and assemble their products. On the other hand, when we think of computers, mobiles or even tablets, we directly remember Apple , for example, there is no mobile phone more iconic and famous than our beloved iPhone.
The Swedish furniture firm and the bite apple company seem to have the vision that in 20 or 30 years, this voice control system is something that we all or almost all have in our homes. Apple has always said that working to make our lives easier , this would be another big step in that direction.

The "connected" bulbs of IKEA are compatible with Apple HomeKit

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