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Apple webpage  Newsroom share of these users have a great experience from the iPhone 7 Plus by shooting portraits or Portrait mode that was popular and a great experience to use very much.
However, Apple has screened images taken with the iPhone 7 Plus from users that have uploaded to Flickr to watch and announced that the iPhone is an imaging device that has been most popular in 2016 in the shooting. more images With the portability, ease of use, quality is taken to look good (though not great camera at the end), so people are not used enough.
Watch the video below and read the story here.

Apple Newsroom share of these users have a great experience from the iPhone 7 Plus

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Pokémon GO Gen 2  if you want to say that waiting a few more hours. This is information that comes out of the restaurant staff Starbucks (Starbucks) is formed by the coffee shop across the United States on December 8, which will become a gym or PokeStop immediately updated.

Pokémon GO Gen 2

For details will be released Sakura. (The Department of Thailand made a long time ago), and will also have a special drink Frappuccino to the season. The update, players are expected to come with more than 100 new Pokémon species, which has not been verified in any way.

For documents that come out of the staff was not much. It is about drink recipes from $ 4.95 (about 178 baht) the details still need to update the game the next track.

Pokémon GO Gen 2 out activity update in conjunction with Starbucks

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The iPhone and cameras have become the most commonly used when a photo is not no secret, simply to take a camera in our pockets and the quality of them is really spectacular, it is by why another year, the iPhone becomes the star of the annual report on Flickr, where the iPhone appears as the device most used by users of this platform photography.
IPhone repeats between the chambers most commonly used by Flickr users, and is becoming a favorable trend for the Cupertino who see this social network as your camera photographs is preferred by most.
Data from this year continue with the trend that has been building up since the iPhone hit the market (in late 2007). Traditional cameras are losing ground during 2016, while smartphones continue on the rise. The smartphone ( with iPhone at the head ) represent 48% of all photos uploaded to Flickr over the past year, while digital SLRs represent 25% and other traditional cameras have 24%.
Some relevant data continue to transmit a novelty in our society, people are increasingly using our phones to take pictures, just use the cameras, this can be seen more clearly in the following, according to Flickr, smartphones accounted for 48 % of the photos uploaded to Flickr, compared with 39% last year , digital SLRs represent 25%, 6% lower than in 2015.
However, where Apple really shows its power, it is in terms of the brand of devices that people use to share pictures with Flickr. Apple was by far the most popular brand, getting the iPhone a percentage of 47%. In addition, 8 of the 10 most commonly used to upload photos to Flickr devices were iPhone . Notably, the top three positions were held by the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 6s.
If you are surprised not to see the iPhone 7 in this list, note that the iPhone 7 has just come on the market last September , so it is difficult to see in the list this year, keep in mind that having the double camera and possibilities offered by this terminal, it is not surprising that next year is among the top three devices next year in Flickr.
It is noteworthy that the iPhone 6 may still be on this list and that Apple occupy 8 of the top 10 positions, the only "surviving" the iPhone have been cameras  Canon 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II .
Today, Apple released a new guide for users of iPhone 7 Plus , offering advice on how to maximize the new role of portrait mode device. Apple announced that the iPhone 7 Plus is currently in sixth place of the most used on Flickr but certainly next year we will see at the top of Apple devices.

The iPhone dominate the annual list of devices used Flickr

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Every time we are closer to the end of the year, so, as usual, Apple reveals what they have worked better in applications, movies, music and more . A fun way to learn those things that have marked tendency in the world of the bitten apple and allows us to assess the year as something interesting. Here we have what most successful so you can take ideas or know if that app that you downloaded has been a tendency in the year that is ending.

Apps from the App Store that has worked better in 2016

App store apps removal
We are confident that the year number one app will sound them more than one because of its widespread popularity is that Apple has named the photo editing application "Prisma" as the iPhone app of the year . This is a popular photo editing application that came out earlier this year; the application, which is free, has gained popularity because of its design and features. If we continue with the list, Apple has named the Game of the Year "Clash Royale" , while "Severed" has been named Game of the Year iPad. "Sketchbook Motion", meanwhile, has been named the iPad app of the Year.

The other results that indicate a very favorable 2016 Apple

Apple acquired technology relating to Omnifone cloud-based music
In addition to applications, Apple has also cited its main selections of music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and books. As for the music, a clear winner in 2016: "One Dance" Drake how best song of 2016 ; Views and Drake album as the best of the year that is about to end.
As for movies, Deadpool , Sausage Party, Sing Street, American Honey, and several others received this honor from Apple. While Atlanta , American Crime Story: People v.OJ Simpson, This Is Us, were the main winners in the category of TV . The books included are Moonglow , If I Was Your Girl, homegoing and Evicted. The podcasts are Revisionist History , How I Built This, My Favourite Murder and Pardon my Take.Complete lists of the various categories of "Best" can be viewed on the iTunes Store.
What do you think about these lists, notes missing something you add? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Apple reveals the best of 2016 in the App Store

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The concept of the smartphone has evolved so much that now hardly surprising that we can do just about anything from anywhere. But it is clear that mobile devices we use every day would not serve much use without applications . There are many initiatives to promote the development of software to provide functionality to smartphones, and Better Life App Challenge is one of them.
It is a global challenge for developers and promoted by Softonic dotopen platform . Better Life App Challenge is an interesting contest which aims to create mobile applications that help citizens around the world to something as important as having a better life.

10 apps that will compete in the final of Better Life App Challenge

Better Life App Challenge began last July at the Mobile World Centre of Barcelona, where they attended both developers and designers, programmers and anyone interested in creating applications. This global challenge seeks creative minds with good ideas that flourish tools that will be of assistance in areas such as: personal goals, continuous training, collaboration, reconciling work and family life, or the combination of security and privacy.
Logos finalists BLAC
They have about five months since the challenge kicked out, and already the 10 applications that pass the final are known . These candidates to win the award wereselected by an online jury , who has tested about 70 apps that were presented . All have followed what he wanted: to present solutions to solve the problems that millions of people must face daily. But 10 apps that pass the Grand Final Better Life App Challenge are as follows:
1. Kiwi Campus . Its theme is collaboration, serves as a platform to connect students through deliveries or demand favors in the campus environment. (Bogota Colombia)
2. Snackson . Its theme is the continuous training, e-learning service for both institutions and businesses have easily in employee training processes. (Barcelona)
3. Thingthing Keyboard . His subject is the improvement of life at work. This is an app that connects data from the keyboard calendars, photos, location, GIFs, contacts, as well as accounts Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook or Instagram. (Barcelona)
4. Keychn . Its theme is continuing education and is a cooking application streaming , used to connect gourmets around the world in a simple and convenient way. (Barcelona)
5. Get Zend . Its theme is the achievement of personal goals. Seeks to help reduce stress and improve sleep and increase energy, or clarify the tasks to optimize time.(Toronto, Canada)
6. Schooltivity . Its theme is reconciliation and improving life at work. It is a digital platform that facilitates efforts to schools in a simple and productive way to keep families informed of school life of students. (Valencia)
7. DAYSK . Its theme is reconciliation and improving life at work. It promotes the mobility of professionals working remotely, providing facilities. (Barcelona)
8. Joosr Book Summaries . Its theme is continuing education. It offers a new way of reading, which can increase knowledge in just 20 minutes with summaries of the latest non - fiction titles. (Brighton, UK)
9. Instant . Its theme is the achievement of personal goals. Helps the user to lead a more productive and healthy life through the analysis of time you spend in certain places.(Pune, India)
10. Psonríe . The theme is the achievement of personal goals. This app offers the user completely anonymous, professional service via affordable online and psychologists.(Barcelona)
BLAC Awards
These 10 applications passed to the final, which will take place on December 13 in the Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm of Barcelona . In the Grand Final Better Life App Challenge, finalists will compete for a prize of $ 10,000 in cash , plus other prizes promotion and acceleration courtesy of Softonic . If you are interested in attending as audience to the end , know that the registration is free and is open, you can access through the link you will find below. What application will be the winner? Which do you find most useful?

Better Life App Challenge, $ 10,000 for the three winning apps

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Apple is in luck, and that its streaming music service online has reached 20 million subscribers just 17 months after its release.
Music Apple recently reached the 17 million subscribers, and the service has cost him only three months exceed the limit of 20 million, a brand that Spotify cost him 7 years to achieve.
Apple Music
As indicated predictions Apple Music already has half of subscribers Spotify, which has 40 million paying subscribers.

Congratulations Apple Music!

For Apple this new achievement involves more than a year and a half of remarkable gains.Apple Music started with a lot of facilities in IOS and Mac devices in June 2015.
In only 4 months subscription music service reached the average of 6 million users. In February, Apple Music had reached 11 million paid subscriptions.
Apple Music in April reached 13 million subscribers in June 2016 and 15 million in service last September ended the month with nothing more and nothing less than 17 million.
Apple Music
Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet Software and Services at Apple, took the opportunity to praise Apple Music:
Apple Music
As well inform us from Music Business via Apple Insider services like Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify are leading the industry in a time when consumers are finally leaving aside the physical products.
Finally mention should add that Eddy Cue said that 60% of Apple Music subscribers have not made a purchase in the last 12 months , and more than half live outside the United States.
What do you think of the numbers of Apple Music on iOS and Android? Are you a subscriber to this service streaming music? What needs to overcome Music Apple Spotify?

Apple Music reaches 20 million subscribers in iOS and Android

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Samsung plans an unprecedented innovative strategy to try to lighten their smartphones:the elimination of the headphone output . A pretty risky move, if not because Apple has already made the same decision with your model iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, on the market since September.
A more blatant plagiarism maneuver by Samsung that Apple benefits , which will see its main competitor gives a nod to the elimination of 3.5 mm connection, favoring the market for wireless headphones, who anxiously await the imminent arrival of the AirPods.
The Lightning connection on the Apple iPhone 7 is shown on display During an Apple media event in San Francisco, California, US September 7, 2016. REUTERS / Beck Diefenbach - RTX2OKBC

And everything suggests that the next hit from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S8, youhave a USB-C output for both cargo and for connecting headphones . We assume that as happened in Apple, its users probably will not be very happy.
Of course, Samsung will hit hard with your S8 some very interesting features like fingerprint sensor and also remove the main button with a very clear objective: to further reduce the size of your device to achieve the finest possible terminal.
If you sound these measures it is because plain and simple Apple or already has implemented, such as the Touch ID that is integrated into their smartphones from the iPhone 5s or the Home button on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus there is a much more minimalist but patents and sketches and denote that disappear in the iPhone 8.
iPhone 8
Likewise, the Galaxy S8 will feature a 2K resolution super-AMOLED and return to RGB pixel instead of using PenTile technology.
As is tradition, the iPhone 8 will be released in September 2017. However , the Samsung Galaxy S8 expected before and we will see who wins the battle lasts two companies to innovate more and better . And of course , what terminal like most customers, who will be the highest judges with their user experiences and their sales numbers.

Samsung copied Apple removing the headphone output

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Both iOS 10 as the earlier versions of the mobile operating system Apple have some functions and features that go unnoticed by users . And the truth is that some of these features are quite useful, even sometimes are imitated by competitors.
These hidden IOS features often found incidentally or after investigating very thoroughly the operating system . One is the ability to block calls from users who do not want to get in touch with you .
Call a number that has blocked you from iPhone.
This feature allows you to block calls the iPhone a particular phone number. Derived from that role there is a gap that allows you to call a mobile which has blocked you and that person even answer the phone without knowing it 's you . You want to know how to get it Keep reading!

Call a number that you have blocked from the iPhone

Before we dive start with the tutorial, I must say that this is a somewhat sensitive issue, because if a person has blocked our phone number will some reason .Therefore, it is logical that person wants to know nothing about us or respond to our call.
Call a number that has blocked you from iPhone.
However, it is possible that as much distance there is between the two persons have an emergency or something happens you have to tell . The steps you must take to call that person has blocked you from the iPhone are:
  • Go to the app settings on your iPhone.
  • Select the option Phone .
  • Then click on the option Show Caller ID .
  • Disable the option and presto!
In this way and you can make a call to any phone number , regardless of whether you have locked or not. By hiding your phone number, the phone the other person does not recognize the source of the call and that is able to receive it .
Call a number that has blocked you from iPhone.
Remember to use this trick only in case of emergency and responsibly as they go against the will of another person may be punished in some countries. We hope the trick it will help.

How to call who you have blocked from your iPhone

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