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The iPhone X is a spectacular smartphone, the company's tenth anniversary high-end phone bite is about to land on the market (November 3) and the excitement is at its peak. Many consumers are waiting to purchase this terminal, and one of its most striking claims are the Animojis.
The Animojis iOS 11 are unique functionality of the iPhone X that allows users to use emoji characters based on the expressions of his face through facial recognition.
But, now, the Animojis are facing a serious problem. And Apple too. Technically, this functionality is illegal . Well, at least her name ...
An iOS application developer has been using the "Animoji" nomenclature since 2014 , and registered it at the US Patent and Trademark Office. So, you have the right to sue Apple for using this name.
He says that Apple already knew that the Animoji nomenclature was already registered because its application has been in the iOS App Store for three years. Besides ... and now comes the really exciting ... Apple tried to buy the name!
Most likely of all this is that Apple and the developer reach an agreement out of court. The Cupertino firm could not afford a new court battle.
Enrique Bonansea's Animoji application allows users to send animated messages in an easy and fun way, with texts and animations. Yes, including emojis.
The developer claims that several companies tried to buy the brand. And he believes that some of these companies could be subsidiaries of Apple. This is a very murky affair, of course ...
What will happen next? Will we see how Apple ends up eliminating the Animoji app from the App Store? Will both parties reach an agreement? How much will Apple have to pay in this lawsuit?

Apple Animojis are technically illegal

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Last year PayPal offered a service to buy products directly from Facebook Messenger. Today, both companies have rejoined to get ahead of Apple.
The Apple bite company was planning to launch an Apple Pay feature so users could use mobile payments between people . That is, sending and receiving money between friends and family via iMessage.
However, the feature has not yet seen the light in iOS 11 . Probably released (hopefully internationally) on iOS 11.1, at least that's what the rumors indicate.
But, as we mentioned before, PayPal and Facebook have been ahead . Now the Messenger messaging application offers mobile payments between people.
IOS and Android users will be able to press a blue "+" button and then select the green payment option to choose PayPal when sending money to their friends.
This new method for sending and receiving money will be available in both individual chat conversations and group chat conversations . And is that according to PayPal, this feature will make paying rent and bills much easier.
There will also be a new bot for PayPal customer service in the Facebook Messenger app, which lately has received many new features . This bot will allow you to ask questions, get returns and restart passwords.
This time Facebook and PayPal have been ahead of Apple and its native messaging app . But ... which of the two services will work best?

Facebook Messenger offers mobile payments between people via PayPal

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Google recently launched its Pixel Buds , remember, the new Bluetooth wireless headsets presented alongside the company's second-generation smartphone.
Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important gadgets that Google has launched for years . And of course, we're talking about a direct competitor to Apple's AirPods .
Leaving aside the design, whose elegance and aesthetics is far superior in the case of AirPods, the technology of the Pixel Buds is surprising , and in some cases superior. Your hardware may change forever the way we communicate. Do you want to know how?

Google Pixel Buds have real-time translation

Imagine a long trip to a foreign country. For example, to Sweden, to the charming city of Stockholm. How many times would you need to check your iPhone (or any other smartphone) to translate content?
Now, with Google's Pixel Buds, that will be a thing of the past. Yes, the Google Translator app is fantastic. But the headphones of the company take the translation to a new level . They carry the translation directly to your ears.
Its real-time translation hardware has so much potential that it will be able to leave many interpreters out of work in the not too distant future.
The work of Google to incorporate this technology into a product for the consumer and in a way so well implemented, the truth, has much merit.
Once you pair the Pixel Buds with your smartphone, all you have to do is keep your finger pressed on the right handset and say a phrase. Your hardware will transcribe it instantly. Then, when someone talks to you the assistant will automatically translate it from the headset . And it has 40 languages ​​available . Unfortunately, the real-time translation only works on Pixel phones .

How the Google Pixel Buds banished AirPods

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Lack little, very little, for the official launch of the iPhone X from Apple. The company will start marketing its 10th anniversary smartphone starting November 3 . There's just one week left.
Surely many of you, you will want to go to your nearest Apple Store and purchase the iPhone X to enjoy your amazing OLED screen, its augmented reality, facial recognition and Animojis as soon as possible .
But maybe you have enough money to go one step further, and that the iPhone X is already expensive by itself ... Maybe you prefer to opt for a more eye-catching color or more exclusive decorations ... like the iPhone X luxury models of the company Legend.
It is not the first time we see how a company is dedicated to customizing luxury smartphones . We already saw how the same thing happened with an iPhone 7 Diamond and with an iPhone X Gold Edition , two models bathed in gold and diamonds.

iPhone X Aurum

This model plated with a thick layer of 24 carat gold has the Apple logo carved by hand . In addition, it is decorated with a gold edge of 18 carats. Its design can be customized with a VVS1 Diamond backlit logo , with precious alternative metal and solid 18-carat gold monograms. Crazy, go. Even the EarPods are bathed in 24 carat gold!
Price: € 2,950

iPhone X Classique

The iPhone X Classique has a unique, more traditional touch. It has diamonds that light up when the device is in use and its brightness can be adjusted. Several diamond colors can be used for the logo.
Price: € 3,305

iPhone X Lu

And to finish this model is specially designed following the culture of China. It has a dragon in the central part, and all kinds of Asian-style decorations . The eyes of the dragon are carved by hand with red diamonds. Of course, its design is bathed in 24 carat gold.
Price: € 3,608
From Legend also sell other models with different designs, and costs are very similar. Each smartphone has a standard storage capacity of 256 GB and customers can additionally order a luxury presentation box.

Would you buy these expensive iPhone X luxury with gold and diamonds?

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Little by little, Apple is skipping the limitations of its operating system, allowing users to have much more customization.
A clear example of this is how we can change the voice of Siri and customize many of its other functions, such as the write mode to Siri .
Most of these features can be found in the Siri section of the iOS Settings app 11. iPhone and iPad users can choose from different options. Today, we show you how to customize Siri on your device.

How to activate Oye Siri

The functionality "Hey Siri" (Oye Siri) is one of the most useful features of the virtual assistant of iOS 11. Thanks to it users can activate Siri even more than 5 meters away, something especially useful in the use of HomeKit. To activate this service, perform the following steps:
1. Open the Settings app on iOS 11.
2. Go to the "Siri and Search" section.
3. Activate the "On hearing Oye Siri" option.

How to change Siri's voice

The customization of Siri also allows iOS 11 users to change the voice of Siri. You can opt for a male voice, for a female voice, for a Mexican accent ... It's fun to keep changing!
1. Open Settings.
2. Enter Siri and Search.
3. Press the "Voice of Siri" option.
4. Choose your favorite!

Making Siri Call

The options on your iPhone also offer the possibility to make Siri announce each and every one of the incoming calls to your phone. It is very easy, you only have to follow the following steps:
1. Enter Settings.
2. Access the Phone section.
3. Press the "Announce Calls" option.
4. Choose between "Always, Headphones and Car, Headset or Never".

How to write to Siri

You can choose to write text to Siri instead of sending voice commands. Something really practical in work meetings, class projects, etc.
1. Open the iOS Settings app 11.
2. Enter General.
3. Go to Accessibility.
4. Click on Siri.
5. Enable the Write to Siri option.

How to customize Siri to your liking on iOS 11

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We are only six days away from the iPhone X reserves , but the fake market already offers a variety of devices similar to a particular audience and has quite a few followers. We had a chance to meet those clones in Hong. It's the Hotwav Symbol S3 model and it's essentially a basic 4G Android phone blatantly packaged in a body similar to the iPhone X except for one notable difference: the bezel on the screen is white instead of black.
The Symbol S3 only uses a rectangular display (a 6-inch IPS panel and 1440 x 720), so if you remove the white paint that surrounds it, you end up with a common-looking smartphone. In other words, the white outline and notch are to mimic the specially cropped form of the OLED screen of iPhone X , but that illusion only works when the background is black. Not to mention that the Android interface here is in short, unspeakable. Although as a positive point, we must consider that it has the version Oreo 8.0 .
But this is not the only surprise, the phone has four cameras, two front and two rear, aiming to get a bokeh effect on this device. The cameras are 5 and 2 megapixels in the front, and 13 and 2 megapixels in the back . Hotwonder also took the liberty of adding a final mirror finish (all a fingerprint magnet for the back).
As for the other specs, we know that the Symbol S3 has a MediaTek MT6739 (at 1.3 GHz, LTE) or MT6592 (at 1.7 GHz, 3G only), a fixed battery of 2,900 mAh, 16 GB of internal storage and 2 GB of RAM. What it does not carry is wireless load and obviously does not incorporate Face ID . Its price? At the moment it is a mystery, but surely you can buy several of them for the price of the real model.

In China they already have the iPhone X

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Right now, WhatsApp could be considered as the perfect replacement for all those who do not want to spend even a single minute of their voice rate. The perfect communication tool for those who have no problem spending their data, or who do not want to have more apps installed to avoid dropping a single penny on calls. Thanks to WhatsApp, we have a system that allows us to chat, call or video-call in a simple and simple way.
It's true that WhatsApp was not the first to do something like that. Long ago, we saw how Line tried to attack them using as a trick that had characteristics of this type that WhatsApp was not planted at that time. However, they have succeeded in doing so by following the same premises they used when creating the app itself, making it as simple as possible, so as not to create complications for users. Now, the service will receive a small improvement that will take you to the next level.

You can also make group video calls in the future

We talked about it a few days ago about it, but now, this is no longer a simple news. Thanks to the work of WABetaInfo, some references to this new function have been discovered in the last WhatsApp update for iOS. In particular, a code sequence has been found to request information from the server about whether the user is on a group call. But that is not all.
In addition, a reference has been found indicating the existence of similar functionality for video calls. All information should confirm partially, but to do it 100%, you just have to take a look at the top image , where the call and video call icons appear in a group for the first time. We can only wait for WhatsApp to announce it officially, which should not take much longer.

WhatsApp prepares the launch of group calls

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We all agree when saying that if a system has given headaches to both users and developers, that software is called iOS 11. Given that it has been the version of iOS that has had more beta phases, specifically 10 which is something never seen before in Apple, since it was officially launched a little over a month ago has been evolving positively and has been gaining popularity, we saw a long time ago I got to overcome iOS 10 in this, but now comes up to 54% as an operating system counting all iPhone and iPad.

iOS 11 continues to gain popularity

ios 11 wallppapers
Sooner or later it was going to happen, every update Apple takes out on a weekly basis is improving on some aspect of this software , although it benefits more to users who have in their possession one of the latest models like the iPhone 8 while those who are 6 or less say they prefer another version of iOS.
There are many reviews, but there is no doubt that the evolution and road that is taking the apple bite of Cupertino with iOS 11 is correct . Recently a new beta version has been released for developers, more specifically the fourth beta phase of iOS 11.1 which is also already public.
save space on photos and videos with ios 11 (2)
It is true that iOS 11 continues to progress after dethroning iOS 10, but the truth is that the record of popularity continues to maintain the previous version as it came to be on 66% of all iPhone and iPad . Anyway, the bar was high and yet Apple has been able to manage to make iOS 11 a competent operating system working constantly on it and fixing as many bugs as possible on a weekly basis.

iOS 11 continues to make its way to 54% of devices

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We have already seen reports and rumors quite often about the production of the iPhone X, while some say that it is going well and that the Cupertino apple will meet without any problem its demand for this year , others say that is slowing down due to many factors like some parts of the terminal which are scarce. A new report has appeared that Apple's COO is going to meet with Foxconn's president to have a talk on problems in the production of the iPhone X.

It's time to talk about the iPhone X

iFixit iPhone 8
Few are aware that one of the responsible for the delay in production of Apple's most anticipated smartphone is LG. That's right, the Korean company with a brand called Sharp are primarily responsible for all the time that the US company is losing as they are responsible for 3D sensors which, as we have seen recently, are one of the main factors in delay production of X iPhone .
And we say LG mainly because the other party, Sharp, has said that its problems to perform the role of supplier to Apple have improved considerably in the manufacture of this component. The case is that the demand that the apple will suffer is going to be between 25 and 35 million units at the beginning of its production, but the Cupertino company will only have 3 million , although this process will improve in the face of November.
iPhone X
It only remains to pray and hope that Tim Cook and his team find the way to meet the great demand they will have with the iPhone X and not for less since this smartphone has everything necessary to make a breakthrough in technology , especially in biometrics.

The Apple COO has an appointment with the CEO of Foxconn about the production of the iPhone X

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This year has been undoubtedly a good 12 months for the Cupertino company, have launched a new operating system that is progressing more and more positively, a new and competent range of MacBook and iMac, but more importantly: have made a breakthrough for the technology , also called iPhone X. We have had several keynotes this year, but according to Craig Federighi, we will not have more neither this month nor this year, so we have to look towards 2018.

Bad news

Google Keynote
Although not surprising at all, many of us might come to think that with the release of the iPhone X in just two weeks, perhaps Apple would think of organizing something important as an event or keynote to which we are accustomed since this terminal represents something very important for the company both economically and symbolically: the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone.
From MacRumors we can read how one of the managers of this well-known website has sent an email to Craig Federighi asking if there was going to be something new this month to which the head of the software section at Apple has responded that everything we had to do in 2017 has already been doneand in part is true, the apple has brought us many new features as we said at the beginning.
Keynote 2015

The case is that the doubt was in the air since in June they presented things like the iMac Pro and HomePod, but in prototype mode, that is to say, not in the same way as the iPhone 8 or the new Apple Watch which came out on sale soon after, they will come out in December , but after what has been said by Craig Federighi has stopped waiting for any event during the remainder of the year by the apple.

Craig Federighi confirms that there will be no more events until 2018

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