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Tim Cook, Apple CEO , has just sold 30,000 shares of the company. And how much money did you make in this operation? A great millionaire sum.

Tim Cook sells 30,000 shares for $ 3.6 million

Yes, as you hear. Tim Cook received more than three million dollars in exchange for such number of shares of Apple.
But are those the only actions that the CEO of the big apple company had? No,  Cook still retains still a lot of Apple shares. Specifically, we talked about the huge amount of 1,009,809 shares . And how much could I earn if I sold all those stocks? Approximately would gain $ 121 million if the price per share was maintained.
And how much are the Apple shares? At the moment I'm writing this article, shares of the Cupertino company have a value of ≈ 120.10 $ . Recall that a few years ago Apple split an action into four to attract more shareholders.
Price of Apple shares (January 20, 2017 at 17:46 CET).

How Much Money Does Tim Cook Own Apart from Shares

A legend, we will not enter their truth or not, it was that Steve Jobs only charged $ 1 after returning to Apple. What is clear is that Tim Cook is not so modest.
Last year ( 2016 ),  the CEO of Apple gained 8.7 million dollars for his work at Apple. A salary that we would all like to have. But in that 2016, Tim Cook received only 89.5% of that received in 2015. And the salary received in 2015 ? Tim Cook in that year claimed 10 million . That downturn would have been due to internal adjustments in Apple. And all that without other actions, such as more movement in the stock market.


As we can see, Tim Cook will never have money problems. Although, to tell the truth, although it may surprise, this is something that is common in most companies, governments and more. You can see here the document that guarantees the transaction with shares.
And you, you see that Tim Cook covers so much money for his action? Are you liking your job as CEO?

Tim Cook sells 30,000 shares of Apple and charges a large sum millionaire

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Appointing Trump as president of the United States has made analysts weigh the impact of future trade talks with China.

Much of Apple's revenue comes from China

Within these companies are iconic American companies like Apple , General Motors , Starbucks and Nike , and on the other hand US companies with a high percentage of Chinese income. Apple is in both categories with 22% of the fiscal year coming from China, which is 46.4 billion dollars.
Qualcomm  has 57% of proceeds from China and Broadcom - component manufacturer Raspberry Pi - 55%. Finally,  Intel comes with 21% of total revenues from China.

Trump policy threatens negotiations with China

The Eurasia Group is responsible for analyzing the political risks for investors, and it seems that, for the moment, they are not too worried about Trump imposing new import tariffs on products from China.
Even so, it is expected to take steps to ensure that the way in which aluminum and steel from China changes.
Trump expect  "rapidly accelerate the pace of anti - dumping, anti - subsidy and other unilateral measures against certain Chinese imports".
And how will China take all this? For it is the main concern, because it could respond with reprisals, according to Evan Medeiros and Michael have Hirson of The Eurasia Group :
China is likely to "retaliate immediately and proportionately" with the aim of inflicting "substantial but not overwhelming pain on US firms" to persuade Trump not to take any more sweeping and destabilizing measures. Possible targets include "iconic US consumer goods" and agriculture, aviation, financial services, tourism and technology companies.

China plans to boycott Apple over Trump

In November and they were brought to light certain statements from China, saying that if Trump took such measures, they also seek how to protect themselves .
The amount of iPhone market share in China is among the largest in the world. Well then. The country threatened to drop sales of the iPhone in the country.
If Trump carry out the fact manufacture the iPhone in estaduounidense territory, in China the cost of the phones would rise significantly , which would be a blow to the company.
We'll see what all this is, but if Trump does what he says, things are going to change a lot for Apple from that point on.

Apple and its business with China, how do they affect with the arrival of Trump?

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The passage of time is to see the evolutions that suffer the services, the applications but also the operating systems, so after having seen and compared the two large mobile operating systems of the moment (iOS 10 and Android Nougat 7.0), I can go back to say that iOS 10 remains the world 's most advanced operating system .
To reason my earlier statement, I will state my reasons and I will be happy to comment on the bottom of the article with our readers' views, we begin.


Let's be clear, security has always been one of the strengths of iOS, and although it may be repetitive in this, Android is still limping in this regard, I will not say that iOS is the safest system, nor that iOS is the most foolproof operating system, we have seen that in some cases have also occurred serious incidents , but at least it does more security is provided.
The main reason for this is that Apple takes care and debug the software in a more controlled way than the competition. In iOS there are not many versions on the market, thanks to which makes possible a better frame of all . Many users on iOS know that their data is safe, on Android, just thinking that it's Google who saves your data, it's scary.
Another important point in security are updates, iOS may have flaws or bugs that create vulnerabilities, however, the pace of updates allows these vulnerabilities resolved in less time than the competition.

Operating System Updates

Paragraph updates is completely linked to security in iOS, the important thing is often not the number of failures that has an operating system (finally, after all have faults), what is really important is the ability to solve failures in your operating system, this is where Apple is winning the competition by a landslide, fragmentation is horrible for both developers when applications update to Google itself and its many Android devices.
Apple has updates every month and a half (two months at the latest) for all users, developers instead every two weeks have a new beta of the next version of iOS version, and in each of these updates, Apple He is working on debugging and vulnerabilities in the system. With Android, the issue of updates is associated with continuous waiting in the best cases.

IOS Developers

Another interesting point in iOS 10 are the developers, I am surprised the importance that Apple gives them in each of its presentations to this sector. We see there are many better apps designed for iOS than Android (although the level of Android has gone up significantly in recent days), however there are things that remain the same, such releases, iOS is still the preferred platform for launching applications .
The proof of this is the launch of Super Mario Run , Nintendo chose the Apple platform for official launch on mobile platforms. Why? Simple, because Apple looks better (pay more) developers, my question here is that if Apple can pay more money to expand its ecosystem thanks to the work of developers, why Google has also has enough money, not Does the same?

User Experience

As the years pass, both operating systems tend to convergence between them , see Android features that Apple implements in iOS and vice versa, however, these developments come before iOS. I will give an example of what I explain in iOS 10 users can send a message WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, etc,  through Siri. This novelty is also available in Android Nougat, however is still not implemented, I am sure they will but this tarnishes the user experience, especially when you switch from one operating system to another.
Time and implementing some new features is what hampers Android in comparison with iOS . To be the best mobile operating system in the world, you need to be bold and innovative, so I think Android does not manage to be at the same level as iOS 10. In between we do not see anything bold in recent times by any of the two giants, the fact is that Apple if it achieves the novelty effect, that and for the rest of the reasons explained above, iOS 10 is (for me) the best operating system in the world .

Why iOS 10 is the world's most advanced operating system

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Bundle ID : com.lightricks.Facetune2

Requirement :


Features : 

- VIP FREE (Unlimited Access)

Hack instructions :

1. Add My Repo
2. Search Facetune2 VIP
3. Install and Enjoy!!!

Screenshot :

HACK Facetune 2 VIP Unlimited Access

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During these days is taking place in Madrid Fitur 2017, the most important tourism fair in Spain where thousands of companies both national and international show their offers and tourist attractions to attract the attention of travelers. If you're one of those lovers of travel and like to leave your city every time you have occasion, either to go abroad or to another nearby town, you can not miss a good application .
New technologies are increasingly present in our daily lives, and how could it be otherwise, the tourism and travel are also present in mobile devices as applications . There are more and more applications to choose from that make it a lot easier for travelers, not only when it comes to organizing vacations, but also finding places once you are in the place and many more things.
Best apps to travel.
The State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (SEGITTUR), in charge of promoting innovation within the Spanish tourism sector, has launched The AppTourism Awards 2017 with Fitur. A contest where the best apps related to tourism and travel are rewarded .

The best travel apps you'll find in the App Store

First of all I must say that there have been more than a hundred applications The AppTourism Awards 2017, of which only 18 were chosen as finalists . There are applications of all kinds: some are used to search for different tourist destinations, others to find accommodation or to organize an adventure trip, among other things.


Even if you have never used it, you may have heard of Hundredrooms. It is an application that makes comparisons with different services to search and compare private holiday homes . If you prefer to go to an apartment instead of a hotel this is your application, since from it you can find different options and prices of very popular services like Wimdu, Airbnb, Booking or Booking, among others.


Do you like adventure tourism? Then Yumping is your application, as it bets on plans with specialized in this type of tourism and that connects small local businesses directly with users. Because adventure tourism is not very widespread sometimes it is difficult to find a company that offers activities of your taste. Yumping lets you find companies based on the difficulty of activities, from the simplest to the most daring : a Segway ride, a game of paintball, multi - adventure park or even a skydive.
Best apps to travel.


Application has tourist agents 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, so the schedule is no longer a problem . These agents will be available to you at any time and regardless of where you are to help you in real time, helping you both in the reservation and assisting you in the destination should it be necessary. Something that certainly comes in handy, especially if we travel abroad.


This application provides a booking service for hotels most innovative, and that allows the user to manage your stay to reduce expenses and even leave you free . The operation is very simple, depending on the expenses that you make in different establishments of the city buying in certain stores, museums, etc. You can reduce the price of your stay at the hotel.
Best apps to travel.
Obviously not all stores are attached to this service, but do not worry because in UnSheeping you have a list with all shops and establishments in the city where you stay that will allow you to take advantage of these discounts so interesting. They are currently spreading all over the world, but the service is already available in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Rome, New York or Milan, among others.


This application developed by a Canarian company has a clear goal, and provide different tools to the customer to interact with the hotel where you are staying . Hotel information, reservation services, communication with the hotel in 64 different languages, manage check-in and check-out and much more is possible from Requestic.


7 years in operation Stay, it makes a company that is responsible for connecting the client to the hotel where he was staying and to manage all types of services: check-in, order room service , book the Spa and much more . Now this company has launched an application called Stay-App, through which they make things much easier for users to manage those services of any hotel in the world. While it is true that some hotels already have their own application for it, Stay-App intends to group everything into a single application.
Best apps to travel.
As you see the applications related to tourism also have to go evolving and changing to keep attracting the attention of users and provide better service . And we must recognize that these six apps that we have shown in this compilation are most interesting and can improve the travelers' experience remarkably. Do not you think?

Apps that will help you when you travel around the world

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Apparently, all the trouble that has brought him to Spain to Uber have not served as a warning to the company. As this week has come to our capital a new service company private drivers .
In this case the service is food at home , with the same performance as the classic Uber. Guaranteed waiting times, from the restaurant that you choose between one of all the collaborators and direct to your house.
Ubereats madrid

The UberEATS app is now available in Spain

Uber has swallowed a lot of saliva at the expense of our taxi drivers, but that has not been an impediment for the company to bring us another of its services to our iPhone. UberEATS, promises the same speed of service than traditional Uber .
They have about 100 participating restaurants that will guarantee wait times of 10 minutes or less . The price shown in the app will include the price of the food and the price of delivery, without cheating or cardboard.
UberEATS learn from you, as you use the application will improve the recommendations of menus that is will offer . So that you can choose without having to just inquire in the letters of all the restaurants that work in the applications.
Uber, the best iPhone app for your next trip to London

You can follow your order

Unlike food delivery services at home, with UberEATS you can locate your order at all times to know where you are . Something that we often miss when we see that our food does not arrive, although with Uber it is guaranteed that our food will arrive in maximum 10 minutes.
At the moment it is only in Madrid, the service is initialized so may it come out as unavailable . Little by little it will improve and become accessible to all. If you are not from Madrid do not worry, companies start in big cities to see how services work and then expand it slowly to the rest of the country.

UberEATS arrives in Spain

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Trump covered his antiexternalizaci√≥n speeches talking Apple processes and how it would make a plot against the mark by not manufacture its devices in the United States.
As always happens, everything that goes up low, and today Donald Trump takes possession of his position like president of the United States. This entails abandon many things in his life, as the president 's security is paramount and there can be no gap.
Donald Trump (4)

For the White House, Android has gaps and iOS does not

The president has had to abandon their Android phone and replace it to bring you more security in their daily lives, for example, the phone should not be able to locate by anyone with some knowledge. Any of our phones can be localized so a modified one must be used.
The phone has received Trump is not known, but if the security agency continues the steps followed with Obama this will be a modified iPhone .
Donald Trump (3)
Obama iPhone could only contact a limited number of people by email , as well as the benefit of being the only device with access to the twitter account @POTUS .
Although it is also possible to block an Android phone to the maximum, in this would have to remove too many things. While making a safer iPhone is pretty straightforward , one should not forget the security that the Touch ID to this device. Not even the FBI could unlock an iPhone that did not have the fingerprint authentication.
Donald Trump

Trump has had to swallow his words

As mentioned, the president already has had to eat his words for safety reasons . We could say that for national security, which makes his economic opinion little account in these decisions that affect the personal security of the leader of a country.

Trump has not been able to resist the iPhone in its arrival to the White House

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