Thursday, September 1, 2016

Line Defense - defend the planet from aliens

That, after all, makes you not lose the projectile when you play in the ordinary Arkanoid? The feeling of fear, that the limit on the number of points and have to start over? Motivation, frankly speaking, therefore - and well, limit and limit in "Tetris", the won, in general, the whole game in this built, you always have to restart ... But if paper airplanes, which he was lost, not in vain it would disappear, and bombed the city,who is defending? Same as the other conversation.
Line Defense slowly recovering from all: here there are features of the classic Arkanoid, Fruit Ninja and other projects. The thing is that at the bottom of the screen alone lives the city is not very clear what it is, but, judging by everything Europe. It is closed mists missiles - but if заварушка starts, it does not work. welding begins immediately with the sky constantly falling rockets have to shoot down. How is it done? Yes it is very simple - you piles raisins out of line, if the rocket on it stick his, the projectile liquidated. The fineness in the fact that the length of the limited, small bar is the band, frankly - and more than one lane to pave the no.
Experienced players in Arkanoid now know what it is - yes, speed (and quantity!) Fly to the city of missiles sometimes forced to capitulate and whisper the indecent lips: yes, completely already? The rockets fly скопом, three to five pieces, all of them there is a snaps moment, they also have different speeds and in general terms, could not hang protection, peacefully puffing - a projectile perish but to take off the armor, freeing the way for others.
But that is not all! When you disarm around hundreds of missiles, the cause will be taken head - some big and ferocious alien thingy. The attack on a leader, not only should hit, but and talk to him, otherwise, it quickly lost. When the boss dies, the old town switched to the other, and missiles aggregates, eg meteorites.The fun.
To make life simpler, developers have introduced a system of crystals is a local currency (and why you defense industry protected countries do not pay in dollars?). Five of the crystals, for example, you can improve trust deployable, and 15 extend the protective line. More crystals is reversed (and this is precisely the investment), the higher the pressure levers damned aliens. Sometime you can even put several bands facilitates the task is great.
The crystals can win as fair fight, and buy real money - and do not need to now put his eyes, the line of defense not obliged to do so. Here the question is - if you want to go as far as possible, painless mothers can Adon: then will boast a record (ha, I and five past cities, wimps!). But if you do not have ambitions, and it makes no sense pay - why?
Since Line Defense is taym killer and there is nothing wrong, you always miss: the important thing is not to win but to improve the current indicators. Eventually the game, of course, fill drawing of the mouth, but while this does not happen, some cities just save, and several of the aliens sends his green god.
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