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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

5 curiosities you did not know about the first Apple iPhone

Every time Apple launches a new iPhone , people queue to buy one. We all know it, we know what functions it has, and what its design will be even before it is presented.
But there are still many things we do not know about the iPhone, especially about the original model. Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the iPhone , and to celebrate in this article we will present 5 interesting facts about the first smartphone from Apple.
Iphone 2g back
Currently many users use the iPhone 7 and many others will be waiting the release of iPhone 8. But for now let 's focus on these five interesting facts about the iPhone 2G .

1. The iPhone was not the first iPhone

Before Apple released the iPhone, Cisco Systems had patented the name . In fact, they sued Apple for calling its iPhone smartphone. The Cisco iPhone was a VOIP phone that allowed users to call via Skype without using a PC. Luckily, both companies finally reached an agreement.

2. The iPhone 2G did not have App Store

Something that many of our readers still do not know is that the first iPhone, iPhone 2G, had no App Store from which to download the applications and users had to make do (and did) with native Apple applications.

3. The iPhone was called Purple

When the iPhone was being developed, his codename was "Purple" . Developers called the section where the "Purple Dorm" was created.

4. The camera was the least

10 years ago mobile phones were not competing with each other to offer the best camera on the market . At that time what users wanted was a larger screen, a GPS, more storage memory ... and Apple knew.

5. No wallpaper

Customers who bought the first iPhone models had bored the black color, and is that they had a wallpaper or the ability to customize as today. The wallpaper of the applications was a simple black color.

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