Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Google is second in the care of the environment

As usual, as the year goes on, different statistics are being published about the main companies around the world and their impact on the environment. This time it was Greenpeace who has just released its latest report showing what technology companies that more care the environment are light . Do you want to know what position has been Apple or Google ?
The report several technology companies in the world appear , but as it can not be otherwise, in iPadizate we will focus mainly on two. One is Apple, for obvious reasons, and the other is Google, the main rival in the apple company market.
Apple and Google environment.
As you know, Google's main rival in the market is Apple and vice versa, so it is inevitable to compare them. And this time Google returns to be once again behind in the care of the environment , thus becoming the eternal second Apple in this regard.

Apple repeats as company with greater commitment to the environment

For the third consecutive year Apple again leads the classification published by Greenpeace, becoming once again the company that cares and cares about the environment . Although in truth is something that should not come as a surprise, since the company of the bite apple has always been concerned about the environment and has spent several years betting on renewable energy, both in its facilities and factories where they are assembled Their devices.
Apple has managed to obtain the classification A with a score of nothing more and nothing less than 83% . Second is Facebook with category A and a score of 67%, while Google is relegated to a third place also with category A, but with a score of 56%.
Apple and Google environment.
You see, although Google is within the podium of the three companies most concerned about the environment, the difference between their score and that obtained by Apple is quite remarkable. Viewing these data it is clear that technology companies increasingly worry more about having the least possible environmental impact, although a Google still has a long way to go if you want to catch up with Apple .
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