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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pokémon GO will not hit China because it is too "unsafe"

After a launch of stroke, Pokémon GO has undergone an increasingly rapid fall from the top of the rankings of the App Store. And it is that the game developed by Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company seems to be suffering serious problems in retaining its active members, as we have already explained here .
The gameplay of Pokémon GO, leaves much to be desired when compared to the first announcement of the game, which attracted classic Pokémon players and many others who do not even know the game. These now are disappointed to see the evolution of the game , however, this would be the least of the problems for Niantic today.

Pokémon GO will not reach China

Pokémon GO
As the title indicates, Pokémon GO not set foot on Chinese soil . According to information provided by the agency Reuters , the Chinese government has decided to ban the entry of game platforms installed applications in the country, claiming that Pokémon GO could be a threat to its security.
The use of location services, and the camera of the device, would have driven this decision, which, according to the censor responsible for this, is taken in order to protect the lives of its inhabitants. This prohibition also applies to all games that have been or are being developed with some similar functions.

China, again, at the forefront of censorship

Coming from the People's Republic of China, this decision should not surprise us at all. Pokémon GO, has caused an extremely high buzz around the world, both on the positive side, as in the negative, with accidents that could "cause", however, this should not be cause for censorship of this type .
All users are perfectly capable of using the device responsibly bought, and must know and accept the risks associated with their use , as well as contemplate the advantages. So, we should all be free to choose if we want to use an application as a Pokémon GO, or not, because this, should not be a state issue.

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