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Saturday, February 11, 2017

5 ideal iPhone games to relax the weekend

After a long wait Nintendo has finally released the game Fire Emblem Heroes on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad. A free-to-play RPG title with a complex system of battles.
But in the App Store there is much more than Nintendo games , there are many titles that will allow you, in this case, spend a very pleasant weekend relaxing in your free time.
So today, in this article, we present you 5 very interesting games for iPhone with which you can spend a very entertaining time on the sofa, in bed, or even on the terrace of the bar.

5 highly recommended iPhone games

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is an endless runner type game that, fortunately, is free for a limited time in the App Store. And it's a game! Good graphics, simple gameplay, and fun for a while.

Paperback: The Game

In Paperback you are an author trying to finish his convoluted novels. Your mission will be to complete science fiction, western books, romance, and even crimes to pay your bills. Very original!


An entertaining retro-looking game that will immerse you in a world of action. Beware, it's surprisingly addictive!

Downgeon Quest

In Downgeon Quest you will control Dumholf, and you will have to help him in his battles through a dungeon collecting artifacts to increase his power and find new heroes. Very entertaining!

Hero Generations

In this fun game you will become a hero and you will have to explore, build and fight in battles in turns in which each turn represents a year of your life. A title based clearly on Infinity Blade but with a totally different theme.
So far our selection of iPhone games from the iOS App Store. We hope you have enjoyed our suggestions for this purpose, and as always, we invite you to participate in the comments to recommend your favorite games to our readers.

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