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Saturday, February 4, 2017

A hacker publishes the tools that Cellebrite uses

It seems to have been published tools used by the FBI for the iPhone hacker , after an attack by a hacker to their servers.

A hacker , Cellebrite and the FBI

Earlier I talked about the Israeli company Cellebrite , specialized in developing tools for hacking mobile company. Such is their fame, that the United States has used tens of millions of dollars to provide the necessary tools to the NSA or FBI to help them mobile hackers.
Just two days ago we reported in this news about the hacking had occurred to Cellebrite by a hacker. In the attack one security crack which opened they leaked about 900 GB of data .
Among these data could also be extracted the tools that governments use - some better and one worse - to be able to hacker certain phones. Among them was the famous iPhone San Bernardino , but did not have access to the data.

The tools have been published for an end

The hacker has decided to publish such iPhone crack tools with which exploit the vulnerability of the Apple system.
These tools were obtained from a remote Cellebrite server where they stored the data obtained by the UFED - forensic device to extract data from mobiles -. The information had several layers of encryption  but managed to decipher all the tools to reach with a file ReadMe in which he explained how to handle these tools.
With this move, what you want to show is that we should not hack phones , as they can always somehow circumvent security and obtain the data collected.

We will see upcoming security patches for our devices

It is very likely that Apple pull from various patches to avoid the use of these tools , some of which have much to do with the jailbreak.
The main difference is that Cellebrite tools include an exploit to get the PIN code with the so - called  brute force . This is not something that you intend to do when jailbreaking on a phone.
So we'll wait for those patches to get more security on our iPhone.

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