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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Amazon Chime, the new videconferencias platform that will face Skype

The competition between applications in the same industry is very strong in all areas , and not only in communications applications, such as messaging, where the reign of WhatsApp is attacked by a multitude of tools, such as Telegram, Line, and many others . Now the relative calm of Skype that had been surpassing the competitors that were emerging, will again be at stake with the emergence of Amazon Chime , which emerges as a new platform for video conferencing that seeks to unseat him. All the details below.

Skype before a powerful rival in videoconferences, Amazon Chime

Amazon's momentum in services continues with the launch of Chime , a new video messaging platform and online VoIP calling aimed at business users. In addition to video conferencing and chat messaging, Amazon Chime allows users to host or join virtual meetings with a single click , and share content and screens across multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices.
Amazon has launched Chime as a more reliable and higher-quality alternative to existing VoIP services such as Microsoft's Skype , with a focus on making major communications services - voice calls, video conferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging - easy to do Accessible within a unified interface .

A tool that will make communication easier and more accessible

"It's hard enough to find people who really like the technology they use for meetings today," said Gene Farrell, Vice President of Enterprise Applications at AWS in a press release. Most applications or meeting services are difficult to use , offer poor audio and video, require constant switching between various tools to do everything they want, and are too expensive."
Amazon Chime is available for free in a basic version , which includes video calls for up to two people. Price plans for Chime start at $ 2.50 a month , with a higher-level plan of $ 15 per user for adding video and screen sharing, among other features. Amazon hopes its new VoIP service can replicate the company's success in the cloud services space , but the challenges lie ahead.
What do you think about this new application, can you make Skype shadow? Your opinion is important to us.

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