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Friday, February 10, 2017

Apple and the CCA of Beijing meet to give solutions to the sudden blackouts in the iPhone 6s

The flaws that have presented the iPhone 6s that are suddenly quenched, worries Apple. For this reason, those in Cupertino have met with the CCA in Beijing to try to find a solution to this issue.

The Apple representative has traveled to China

A representative of the company of the apple has met with the consumer association of China, to comment and try to solve the problems of the iPhone 6s device.
According to information received from Quartz Media  has been the subject, especially of the models that were manufactured in China between September and October of the year 2015 . Remember that these devices suddenly turn off when the battery is apparently halved.

Progress is being made in diagnosing the problem of the iPhone 6s

Apple does not believe that the problem of the iPhone 6s is a safety issue for consumers, in addition, the company will continue to guarantee battery replacements on those devices that are affected. In December, we remember that Apple made available a tool to know if your device has been affected by this problem and to replace the battery for free.
The supervisor of the Chinese agency, says that Apple has advanced in the search of the problem, in addition to that iOS has incorporated tools to be able to diagnose it.

Is the problem caused by prolonged exposure of the battery to the controlled environment?

At the end of last year, Apple commented that the problem could cause the batteries to be exposed too long before being assembled . Exposure can cause them to degrade ahead of time, even if they go off in the way they do.
The CEC has already asked Apple to investigate the matter in November 2016, due to the consumer complaint. After Apple recognized the problem, the CEC again asked them to be more proactive in solving the problem.

China is a very important source of revenue for Apple

China has become one of the most important revenue sources for apple bite company . It needs to convince the users more productively, due to the strong competition of the Asian giant. It is also for this reason that scrutiny by the Chinese government is so severe that in other countries.
Do you have an iPhone 6s affected by this problem? Do you think Apple is taking too long to resolve this issue? Leave us your comments.

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