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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Apple and Samsung come back to the load

It seems that the continuing conflict between the Asian firm and the US do not stop, which thing becomes an endless dispute between the two multinationals. Located in February 2017, we have known that the Court of Appeals of the United States has ruled that a court is in charge of marking a new trial because of the famous dispute between the two companies .
While Samsung is claiming a court, Cupertino's request a review of the case. In spite of this we do not know where this conflict will end. What is the cause of this whole problem?

Back to the past

As many of you know the dispute of the year 2011, which called for a rewarding Apple close to one billion dollars for damages from alleged copy of Samsung in the design of the iPhone is concerned.
By 2015, Samsung lost part of the reason forcing disburse the cold amount of 548 million dollars to the signing of the apple . However, Koreans not stood still since part of the reimbursement demanded, so after reopening the case, the company only paid 400 million dollars .
The most important patent trial of history

Despite this, the disputes have continued to the present. Apple specifically states that the S1 and S2 of the Galaxy range models of the company Samsung, were designed by copying the famous design of the iPhone. That is why Californians claiming the benefits from sales of these terminals Samsung occasion of the breach of certain patents . Something that the Asian firm opposes as is logical.
Eventually we'll have to wait to see the evolution of this interminable case. We do not know at the end how this situation will end, as patents are one of the big headaches of technological companies today.

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