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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Apple and Samsung would go back to court, now for possible damages

I know that this news can be very repetitive in the history of technology, but it is happening again only in February 2017. The Court of Appeals of the US Federal Circuit ruled that a court must decide if a new trial is required For damages and damages over a long, very long legal dispute between Apple and Samsung.
The case would be heard in the San Jose, California court where it all began. The reason is because both companies made statements, on the part of the Cupertino requested the prompt review of the case, and the South Koreans demand a new appointment with the court to carry out a new trial. The case has reached the district court, but the direction of the situation is unknown.

Apple and Samsung, a legal war that seems to have no end

We all know that Apple claims that Samsung had copied the design of the iPhone in 2011, Apple received billions of dollars for damages but this was nothing more than a complacency and a warning of what would come of it. Apple received 548 million dollars since 2015 the decision was valued again and Samsung lost in that instance.
After the payment, Samsung asked the Supreme Court for a valuation of the case demanding a refund for the "disproportionate" amount for violating Apple's design patents. The amount of 548 million was reduced to 399 million. Samsung reopens the case in January this year by 399 million since it is alleged that the Court of Appeals is not well prepared to make the decision.

Were the quantities demanded to Samsung fair?

The aforementioned amounts were calculated using the base gain obtained from the Samsung Galaxy involved (S1 and S2 versions) . Samsung stresses that the amount should not be based on what won for each device sold, but for each component that violates some of Apple's patents.
It will be waiting for the Supreme Court to issue its final verdict, this year could be that of consolidation for Apple by the iPhone 8, and the resurgence of a giant that stayed in the way to create one of the most controversial devices in the last years. Will Apple achieve legal success? Share your opinions with us in the comment box.

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