Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Apple celebrates the beginning of the Brazilian carnival with a great announcement of the iPhone 7 Plus

As always whenever there is an important event, Apple is aware to celebrate with its users. Let's see what this is about.
From its beginnings, the apple bite company has been characterized by its flashy ads as well as being aware of all the events that happen anywhere in the world to throw a wink to its users. We saw it earlier this year with Japan  and now Apple has directed its focus towards the carnival in Brazil.

From Apple celebrate the Brazilian carnival with the launch of a new ad

As we can see in the YouTube channel of Apple Brazil, from Cupertino have not wanted to pass up the opportunity to promote the latest iPhone released to the market and one of its characteristics star: the portrait mode of the iPhone 7 Plus . With the ad so colorful you have under these lines have wanted to celebrate the Brazilian carnival at Apple ; This announcement is in addition to those that we have been commenting on this type of photographs so spectacular that are achieved by a blur of the background of the image.
It is worth noting the great work behind this advertisement as it consists of up to 500 photographs made with the iPhone 7 Plus and the aforementioned portrait mode . In this way, all these photographs have been edited to give them a sense of movement; In this advertisement you breathe the purest style of the Brazilian carnival: colorful, dancing and joy .
Also the song chosen is also a nod to all Brazilians Apple fans as it is the artists from that country BaianaSystem and Yzalú . As you see from Apple continue to marvel the world with their ads, as well as being an example of strategic marketing addressing the dates given to users in each country. Let us know what you think of this ad and your experience with this portrait mode.
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