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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Apple could acquire Imagine Entertainment, a film producer

One of the sectors that is showing more growth in recent times is that of the series or films that produce audiovisual platforms online and that users then consume to their liking at home, with their schedules and without complications. As a result of the rise of platforms such as Netflix and HBO , to give an example, and the large investments they make in their own productions throughout the year. Apple does not seem to want to let that market go by , especially when it has its own television device, the Apple TV, and would be considering acquiring a film production company, Imagine Entertainment . All the details below.

Apple could enter in the production of films with the acquisition of Imagine Entertainment

It appears that Apple would be in advanced talks with Imagine Entertainment , Hollywood producer owned by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, about a possible investment, or even the complete purchase. Other allegations are that the negotiations are too early for Tim Cook and Eddy Cue to be involved at the moment. Imagine is the company behind great movies like Apollo 13 and The Da Vinci Code.

Negotiations are not new and have long taken place in talks

A news story last year has already asserted Eddy Cue 's tough bargaining tactics that angered TV industry executives during talks with companies such as Disney and Time Warner. Cue negotiated with Apple with hard demands that were not accepted . Negotiations failed, but not only was this the case, Apple also tried to sign comedian Chris Rock for "an exclusive agreement with iTunes," only to lose the deal when Rock signed a deal with Netflix worth 40 million dollars for two Special. Something that makes the people of Cupertino have to put their batteries if they want to enter this sector where there are already very powerful competitors.
What do you think about this possibility and that Apple offered series or films of their own production? Your opinion is essential for us.

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