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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apple could dispense with the SIM card in the iPhone 8

The iPhone of the 10th generation will surely mark a before and after in the company of Cupertino. The so-called iPhone 8 or iPhone X is highly anticipated by all Apple fans, expecting a great innovation by the team of Tim Cook. This time we bring you a rumor about the absence of the SIM card in the iPhone 8. How will you stop including the SIM card slot? In this article I tell you in detail everything we know about it.

A revolution in SIM cards on the iPhone 8

Apple would be talking to various phone companies to get the future iPhone 8 to connect to the telephone network thanks to the WiFi network , regardless of the SIM that has been reducing the size over time, but now the next step is to completely eliminate it.
This would be a great step for Apple's innovation. This would save space on our device that could be used for a battery increase , as claimed by users. Above all, for those who do not have a Plus model and claim more autonomy for our device.
Is this technology new to Apple? No. In the iPad it is possible to use this type of technology to be able to connect to the telephone network from the antennas of our device . This is what is called the Apple SIM that came to our country a few weeks ago as we told you in this article .
This is present on the iPad, we could see it come true on the iPhone. Although these will be very limited by telephone companies . At the moment Apple is having talks with US and Canadian companies, but maybe to get to Spain we will have to wait some years like Apple Pay.
Anyway, it seems to me that Apple is on the right track, although I hope this is not the only innovation brought to us by the Cupertino in its star terminal, and incorporate various improvements in this terminal. Although its policy seems to be based on removing slots in the devices , starting with the 3.5 mm Jack and still with the card slot. Will the loading port be removed as well?
Leave us in the box of comments all you think of that Apple does not have the SIM card on the iPhone 8.

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