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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Apple could launch Apple TV 5 with 4K technology

One of the most important things in a home, although we do not realize it, is television , we spend hours in front of your screen, watching programs, football games, concerts, and especially in recent times hooked to the series, Which as many qualify, are the new cinema. But as is often the case today, we do not like to follow schedules that are often insufferable, we want to enjoy what we like when we want , so the rise of platforms like Netflix, or services that make our smart TVs, such as the Apple TV. Well it seems that soon we could have a new version, the Apple TV 5 with 4K technology. All the details below.

A new generation around the dodge, the Apple TV 5

Apple is currently testing a new fifth-generation Apple TV capable of streaming Ultra HD 4K video , according to a report released Thursday. The new Apple TV has the internal code name "J105" and is capable of producing content in more vivid colors, according to Bloomberg. The fifth-generation device could be launched very soon, probably this year , with Apple's recent hiring of former Amazon Fire TV unit chief Timothy D. Twerdhal, signaling a renewed focus on the set-top box.

Apple wants to revolutionize the living room of our homes

Apple engineers have been forced to compromise with Steve Jobs' original vision of revolutionizing the living room . Originally the Apple TV was intended to replace the disconnected set-top boxes supplied by cable companies and allow owners to broadcast live television, but Apple's failure to secure deals with major cable channels left Cupertino unable to Go ahead with your television plans.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly stated in the past that "the future of TV is applications," but it is difficult to realize such a view in the context of a completely unified user experience. It remains to be seen whether a device with a capacity for 4K can provoke a resurgence in its ambitions for the living room.
What do you think about the arrival of this Apple TV 5, will be revolutionary incorporating 4K technology? Your opinion is important to us.

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