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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apple could modify the Touch ID in its products

During the last days has appeared in different media, very interesting information about the evolution that could be carrying out the Cupertino in terms of Touch ID technology . It should be noted that Apple is one of the few firms that is immersed in the ongoing study of new technologies and resources to apply in the renewal of its catalog.

Apple could incorporate great new features in the Touch ID of their devices

As confirmed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Apple would have filed a new patent for a screen capable of reading and detecting a fingerprint . Without a doubt, a great evolution in this technology increasingly applied in the mobile sector, but that in some occasions is uncomfortable due to the location of the sensor.
In this way, there are great possibilities that the iPhone 8 can incorporate this new technology . Perhaps the new iPhone version incorporates the Home button and Touch ID directly on the screen . Awesome!

In particular, a touch screen with a new MicroLed technology is specified in the register. This would replace the current sensors used by the company, new and small emitters of light that would be located next to the screen itself. However, there are many possibilities that could carry out these small chips, such as proximity detection, touch detection, sensitivity to ambient light ...
We can not say whether the Californian company will apply this new technology to the next iPhone range, since Cupertino engineers often take many months to apply and develop their technologies from the moment they patented them, and many of those registrations do not end up being implemented in the Due to the lack of feasibility in the project. Will the iPhone 8 finally incorporate this new Touch ID technology?

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