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Friday, February 10, 2017

Apple delays deliveries of LG 5K screens after usage defect

One of the lessons learned by the technology after the battery fiasco with the Samsung Note 7 incident is that they must be very careful in the production processes of their materials . A problem in production can turn into a disaster that damages the brand, and that is why you are working to avoid such circumstances. In that sense Apple has delayed the deliveries of LG 5K screens after detecting a defect in use . Then all the details.

Apple halts the delivery of LG 5K screens against defects in use

Last week saw some shielding issues that affected Apple's external monitor solution, the LG UltraFine 5K . It was found that using the device within two meters of the radio generated problems in its use . While LG stated that it was fixing WiFi interference shortly after this discovery, Apple has delayed sending the UltraFine 5K screen on its website from 5 weeks to 6 weeks .

Apple takes steps to protect its users

Apple has largely stayed out of the controversy surrounding the UltraFine 5K , a screen that it signed and promoted during its MacBook Pro event last fall. Apple's promotion of the UltraFine series came after its decision to leave the independent display business, at least for the time being. In addition, the LG UltraFine screens were part of the USB-C accessories that Apple discounted after changing the MacBook Pro by using only four USB-C ports. At this point, it is unclear if Apple plans to extend that discount for the UltraFine 5K screen because of its performance issues and subsequent delays in shipping.
What do you think about this problem with the 5K LG screens? Your opinion is important to us.

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