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Friday, February 10, 2017

Apple has become a boring company?

Apple, the company that many of us want and love for products that have changed part of our lives is targeted by many in terms of criticism. Recently a statement has been made by a former Apple engineer , Bob Burroughs, who accuses Tim Cook of turning Apple into a boring company. Seven years was enough to be in Apple in the time of Steve Jobs and very little in the one of Tim Cook .  "Management is lighter, the year 2016 has been one of the most boring, and Apple in 2007 as far as organization was like the wild west."  How true is what Burroughs stated? In this post I will comment on Apple as a brand and as a company that is dedicated to creating technological products , with this I will try to check if it is boring or not.

Apple as a brand has built an empire and a legacy into the future

The intent of any brand in the world is to be relevant, successful and valuable. Apple got it from a garage, we all know the story. Steve Jobs had a very rigorous work philosophy. The employees knew that they had to reach the final objective as it was, although always offering the highest quality and possible efforts. Today, Apple is no longer the company of Steve Jobs. Companies suffer this change through life cycles that are fulfilled. In some, businesses are going on in history for generations and generations due to families. In the case of Apple, Tim Cook did not arrive by chance and did not overnight become Apple CEO . He worked since 1998 in World Operations and then until 2002 was Executive VP for International Sales and Operations until Steve Jobs saw in him an individual capable of leading the company's executive direction.
Tim Cook has many years at Apple, and that is one of the strengths that is in his favor. He has visions of some departments of work in the company and I think that is what has allowed Apple to be  one of the most important companies in the world , with many profits that allows the best distribution of profits that a company can have. On the other hand, has not been left behind with a new catalog of products, which is expanding as the past years have passed. Tim Cook's apple is currently being criticized, such as the former engineer Burroughs. We are not sure what is happening inside.
Tim Cook together with the employees of the store in Marseille
We do not know how the employees who work there in Cupertino feel , and very little we can know about the employees who work in the Apple Store, for confidential subjects it is impossible to know . The mood they transmit is unmatched, that's if I have a record. Boring? Apple is now focused on the iPhone's tenth anniversary.

Efforts on Apple's latest products, a pending debt with users

Those in Cupertino have delivered new products, many of them have generated enough attention to attract controversy. An iPhone with the same design of years ago, a MacBook without enough ports, AirPods that lack some functionality ... and so we can follow the rest of this post. We do not know what caused Apple's current products to be like this. For obvious reasons , they are decisions that every person in a department has to do , especially Jony Ive, a design boss who has the most responsibilities in this 2017.
Apple as a technological company, by product catalog, for the advantages it can offer us in our life seems to behave in a strange way. Unfortunately I can not until now have something in mind that describes this strange behavior. Many users have been dissatisfied with what can now offer an iPhone or a Mac, end up moving to the competition. Those of us who are still here, we can be impartial and critical for Apple to improve. A company is made like this, of errors but mainly of improvements. Apple is not a boring company for making products that cause effects on its users and customers, on the contrary, it is a company that seeks to have those effects last a lifetime.
For my part, I conclude that the company's bite apple is at a stage where it has to reinvent itself. It is successful, yes, it is a company that earns many billions, yes, but the users are making an urgent call. A call where all we want is for your products to have a reason for existence, like the iPod and the iPhone of 2007.

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