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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Apple is positioned within the most innovative companies of Fast Company

Apple took fourth place in Fast Company's annual list. The list of most innovative companies or The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 was published today.

Apple has risen from seventh to fourth on Fast Company's list

Last year, Apple ranked seventh , meaning it has climbed three spots since the last list . The bite apple company is located just behind companies like Amazon, Google and Uber. It is ahead of the social network Snapchat videos, Facebook or the phenomenon of video on demand Netflix.

It has been their own chips that have taken Apple to such a high position

The publication has put the Cupertino in fourth place for the design of its own chips , during the past year. In addition, these chips allow the Tim Cook company to control their own future and create products that are more in line with the style and quality of the brand. Among these chips we find the A10 Fusion of the iPhone 7, the W1 for AirPods, the T1 of the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and the S2 of the latest model of the smart watch, Apple Watch Series 2.

Each of these renewed chips, imply a brutal technological leap for Apple.

Apple chips are designed to millimeter to fit each of the features of the products . For example, the own chip of the Apple Watch Series 2, the S2 supposes an improvement in performance and battery. The super-famous A10 Fusion chip of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is much faster than the A8 of the iPhone 6, up to twice as fast and with a lower battery power.
As for the W1 chip of the AirPods, it is automatically programmed so that the audio travels directly to the headphones , which joins with the microphone while making quite limited use of the battery.
What do you think of this classification of the company of Cupertino? Do you think he's in his rightful place? Leave us your comments.

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