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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Apple launches new announcement for Apple Watch

If a few weeks ago, Apple presented us with different ads, now is the time for a new announcement for Apple Watch. Now the Cupertino launch another ad focused on the different rings of the device.
In the new announcement of the company, the three rings of Activity are the main players , remember that this system shows the activity of a user when it comes to move or exercise with the Apple Watch.

The new announcement for Apple Watch and the Activity rings

In the new advertising presented by Apple, activity rings are being completed while users perform three fun activities that help you take care of your health. Playing with a disco, swimming or just playing with your child, activities that will help you to maintain your daily exercise , it is about activities that many people might think are not much, but that help you in your day to day life. Healthier than ever.

Let's remember how the rings of Activity of your Apple Watch work

Activity is an application that comes included in the Apple Watch and its operation is quite simple. You have three rings with three different colors , the first of these, allows you to measure the activity you do when you move with your Apple Watch, the second of these rings is focused on the exercise , measures the entire exercise performed during a day with the watch.
Ad activity rings for Apple Watch
Last but not least, there is the ring that shows us how long we are standing for a day . If at the end of one day, we have completed all three rings, this indicates that we have managed to complete our daily goals to keep in shape according to our weight, height and age.
This is a new announcement for Apple Watch, the company continues to insist on this device whose official sales have not yet been officially revealed by Apple, however thanks to these announcements for Apple Watch and its predecessors, it is estimated that Apple has sold a An amount close to five million units , an important amount, taking into account that this market is not at its best.

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