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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Apple Music continues to increase its number of subscribers according to Eddy Cue

Eddy Cue gave quite interesting data at Recode's media conference yesterday, as its more than 20 million users at Apple Music. Still, Apple is not quite happy with the numbers, so they will continue to work to keep growing.

Growing numbers of Apple Music

Although Cue could not give the exact number of subscribers in Apple Music, said that there were already more than 20 million users using the Apple music platform.
In December they announced that they had already reached that number. In September they reached 19 million, which, things go pretty well for Apple, since in just two months, the figure has grown considerably .
Despite such good numbers and steady growth, Eddy Cue said he is not happy about it. At the time of the interview, he commented that more than 100 million people would be subscribing to streaming music, but that the number of people listening to music is much greater.

Eddy Cue and exclusive music content

Another question they asked Eddy Cue was about Apple's efforts to get exclusive content on Apple Music.
Cue explained that exclusive streaming rights are more a promotional strategy than a long-term movement of artists . Cue went so far as to say that exclusivity is never good in the long term in the music industry.
Exclusivity is one of the strategies employed by streaming services, which have attracted criticism from some record companies and executives of the music industry.
Eddy Cue explained that Apple's main strategy is not to secure exclusive content, but to be able to work with the artists from the beginning to the end , as happened with Drake, for example.
We will see if with Planet of the Apps they go back its number of subscribers, because the series paints very but that very well.

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