Friday, February 3, 2017

Apple Music signs an ex-CEO of Spotify

Innovation and improvement of services occurs in many cases the result of having the team good professionals , and are not always because they come with their resumes to the company headquarters, often this occurs, as in the Soccer, because signings are made, "robándole" players to the rival team to make stronger and competitive to yours. In this case they have stepped Cupertino, since they have signed to a former executive of Spotify to add it to your project Apple Music , a move to enhance its streaming music service.

Apple Music increases its equipment with the signing of a high position of Spotify

Apple Music signs an ex-CEO of Spotify
Apple hired former vice president of content Spotify, Steve Savoca in January , as confirmed by a spokesman for Apple to Business Insider. Spotify worked as global head of relations with record labels , according to a report Billboard last summer when he left the Swedish giant after five years. He will work for Apple doing the same thing that he did for Spotify , topping relations based in New York, focusing on relationships with smaller, especially internationally independent offices, as reported by Business Insider.

Streaming music has great market potential

Apple Music signs an ex-CEO of Spotify
Apple Music equipment , including Jimmy Iovine has said in recent weeks that the service needs to do more to have the same catalog of songs that Spotify . Apple Music content chief Larry Jackson outlined his goal for the product in December: "Do something that is the intersection of all things pop culture. To make it more than just a utility , I like to think of it as a place where the best creative thinkers in music can meet and propose different ideas. " This announces changes in the service to make a jump of quality and for this reason this transfer takes place.
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