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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apple opposes legislation that would give consumers access to parts and manuals

Apple is once again in a fight, this time to prevent a legislative measure allowing consumers or third-party stores to repair their products with spares and manuals.
The state of Nebraska will hold a hearing next month. It should be said that Apple totally opposes this  and will fight to not pass this law.

Apple again in another fight more

In this new measure called " right to repair ", consumers and third-party shops who so wish, can buy the necessary parts and repair their terminals themselves, under the protection of the law .
Apple flatly refuses to take this action, and therefore will fight to ensure that this legislative measure is not carried out.
According to the source  MotherBoard , an Apple representative will attend this hearing on March 9, in Nebraska, to prevent the adoption of this law. And not only that. AT & T, the telecommunications company is also going to testify against.
It seems that some of those who go to that appointment - it is not yet known who will say it - will ensure that repairing the phone can be dangerous for the user to do so, and the device's lithium battery may catch fire.
In the event that this law is approved, Apple, as well as other companies , would be obliged to provide their parts to any user or shop that requires them , as well as the corresponding assembly and information manuals .

Something that will grow more and more

Independent repair, ever closer
The pressure groups did their best to prevent the entry into force of this law, specifically in Minnesota, saying that changing a screen could cause the user to suffer injuries and cuts in the glass. Fingers.
In New York, a bill passed through the New York state chamber  was abolished thanks to Apple and IBM lobbying for this measure they wanted to take. Will it be something similar this time?
What is certain is that through the portal is moving a lot about this issue, as it was created by independent repairers. Now other states have joined, and more and more will be.
It has come to know that Apple did everything possible to replace the Home button of the iPhone 6, it was completely brickeado. They do not walk with little girls in this respect, from what we see.
What is clear is that if, for some reason, they approve this decree, Apple will manage to avoid being harmed .
What do you think this law came into force? Would you agree to share repair information, as well as necessary parts?

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