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Monday, February 13, 2017

Apple patents a "wireless device" with Bluetooth and NFC

Less than a month ago, we told you in this news that Apple was looking again for the support of the FCC to patent an unnamed wireless device.
The last list shows a model with the number A1845 , which would be between the first presentation of the A1844 and the one presented in January of the product with the number A1846. Still, there is no clue to what kind of product it is .

New patent for a device with the same characteristics as the previous ones

The company again asked for confidentiality regarding documents that show the descriptions, user manuals and product schemas, so it remains a mystery.
The test reports completed by UL Verification Services reveal that, as in the first two presentations, the device has Bluetooth and NFC .
Labels for the A1844, A1845, and A1846 do not correspond to any Apple products, but previous reports have found that this new device has at least two slightly curved edges and two Torx screws.
As a precautionary measure, Apple trimmed the image on the second and third applications , which will probably give less clues about its design.

Probably a device for internal use of Apple

At first, when discovering this new wireless product was speculated that it could be a new model of Apple TV , but after knowing the long regulatory text to be recorded on the device, they came to the conclusion that no .
It also included a wiring guide, something that Apple never includes engraving on the outside of their devices, in the face of the final design for the consumer.
The most logical thing is that it is a device of internal use for the company. In addition, they have already submitted it to the FCC in the past. 
They could be used in the Apple Store as a display unit product or equipment based iBeaconm used to communicate with customers iOS devices.
This label attached to the FCC could remain a mystery until Apple presents that mysterious product, if it arrives or decides to present it.

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