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Monday, February 6, 2017

Apple persists in its fight to sell used iPhone in India

Apple is still asking permission to sell second-hand iPhone in India after some officials refuse to give them that option.

Apple keeps trying

After several attempts to get the necessary permissions, Apple is still trying to get the option of selling second-hand iPhone in India.
In the past, a number of officials from the Ministry of India flatly refused to give them that power , because it is something that is forbidden there. The company plans to start manufacturing its iPhone in the country, in principle, beginning in April.
As we told you , this application is part of the concessions Apple introduced the government of India to start manufacturing there new models of iPhone.

Petition rejected since May 2016

Apple continues to negotiate with India
The application used to sell iPhone in the country has to be rejected since May 2016. India does not want to sell used iPhone because it would consider "using his country as a dumping ground , " an expression somewhat exaggerated. They fear that their "Made in India" will weaken with this type of market.
After this rejection by the Government, Apple has tried again  with certain incentives if they accept the deal. Within these incentives is the fact ensure a quality standard . Apple itself would take care of such controls to ensure the good condition of the devices.
If Apple achieves this, it would become the first company in India to be allowed to import used phones.
The company still forms a small part of the Indian market in when to sell iPhone, as its price is high. 
When they manufacture the next phones there, prices will be somewhat cheaper in India.
How do you think this story will end? Will the people of Cupertino get it?

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