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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Apple proposes the creation of a new community on the future of 3D graphics

The Apple WebKit team has proposed something very interesting, create a new community to discuss the future of 3D graphics on the web. The mission would be to develop an API that can support them to have modern features as far as GPU is concerned.

Apple would bet on 3D graphics for the future

This is the message of one of the leaders of the Apple WebKit team:
The WebKit team at Apple proposes a new group community at the W3C to discuss the future of 3D graphics for the web and develop a standard API that exposes the features of a modern GPU including a low graphics level and a proposal Computerized general. A free participation is allowed, we invite engineers, GPU hardware vendors, software developers and the entire community that wishes to join us.
The WebGPU proposed by Apple is more oriented to "objects" than in the branch of WebGL. This can translate that Apple wants to provide the web of Metal according to the developers, their latest creation graphics management.Metal for Mac
At the same time, they stress that GPU technology has improved and created new software API to reflect best designs of modern GPU. The new APIs have a lower level of abstraction, have a lower cost and work better than OpenGL.

Apple begins to take opinions on a particular issue, should it do better in terms of its products?IPhone GPU 7

While it is true that the apple company is characterized by being a trademark of a closed environment, that is, they themselves plan and design everything that refers to software and hardware, are now changing a little plans. For the future, this could help Apple offer advantages over its competitors. Based on such an important improvement as the graphics are currently, it can push Apple to create and improve what already exists. Could Apple offer the best and most powerful graphics as far as web pages are concerned?
On the other side of the coin, Cupertino is questioned not to pay much attention to its users. Yes, you and all the readers and editors that make up this page about the latest products they have launched. Would it be better that Apple could consider improving on products thanks to the opinions of its users? Tell us if you are a developer or engineer specialized in the subject that so much benefits this movement of Apple.IPad Air Graphics Performance
For more information on the proposal of this community, we leave the WebKit blog in the following link .

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