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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Apple removes the "Late" designations of the MacBook Pro 2016

Something that characterizes Mac models is the period in which they were released. The denominations are "Early", "Mid" and "Late" that correspond to each quarter of the year. It seems that the latest MacBook Pro will no longer have this designation , may only be identified by the year of release.

Apple continues to remove features of its products, now with regard to the model of MacBook Pro

It's good that Apple wants to change and show new faces to its products, but a key as important as the model is almost impossible to play, but now what seemed something remarkable will not be. The blog Pike's Universum reported during yesterday on the output of new models of MacBook Pro 2017, now they stand in beta 10.12.4 macOS longer the distinctive 'Late' is seen corresponding to the last MacBook Pro 2016 .
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You can check the information about this in "About this Mac". If you have the beta installed we would like to know if in other models of Mac this happens.
It is reported that in another model that emerged in 2016 as the 12 "MacBook still has the label" Early "as well as in the 2015 model. The MacBook Pro" Mid "2014 has also been eliminated. It is argued that being the only models released in those years, it is "reasonable" for Apple to remove those badges. The important thing is that everything happens thanks to a beta.

Will this happen on new Macs with Sierra 10.12.4 macOS? 

We will have to wait out the official version so we can see that this only affects current MacBook or is equal for all. For me it's a mistake to remove a badge that helps users know the months in which this Mac was released.
From experience, when recommending the purchase of Mac equipment the badge is an essential part to know if it is an older or recent equipment. What do you think of this case? Is the badge that each Mac receives for its year and month of release? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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