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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Apple sales in China hurt once again

Despite record figures presented in the last quarterly earnings call , not all good news for Apple . Along with the continuing drop in sales of iPad, it highlights the decrease of 12% of company sales in China .

Currency exchange, responsible for part of the fall

The figure stands out, above all, to come from a previous increase of 14%. According to statements by Tim Cook, "the current currency exchange is responsible for Apple's products more expensive" . In this way they are less accessible to the public and figure the impact on an 8% decline for this reason . Had exchange rates been maintained, the drop would have remained at 6%.
Other reasons with which it speculates is the similarity in the design of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s old . According to analysts, Chinese consumers are more reluctant to spend much money on something that does not seem new , well that today have many more options. Moreover, Chinese consumers feel insecure when shopping online, especially in high value products . For this reason, Apple promised in 2014 to pass from 15 to 40 physical stores in the country.

Chinese manufacturers present terminals competing against Apple's

Another factor that could help lower sales in China is the proliferation of manufacturers in the country itself which have submitted pointers terminals that make direct competition with so far were the market leaders . Oppo, Vivo and Huawei have experienced strong growth since 2011. At the other extreme is Xiaomi, which began manufacturing handsets very similar in appearance to those of Apple and experiencing a small growth over the Cupertino company.
However, analysts are optimistic about Apple's sales this year . Along with the rumor that Apple present a radically new iPhone it is expected to decide whether to call it iPhone 8 sales in China soar, as this is a number considered lucky in the country .

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