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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apple shareholders call for greater diversity efforts

A small group of Apple investors, led by Tony Maldonado, will present for the second consecutive year a proposal for the company to adopt an accelerated hiring policy that increases the diversity of its workforce .

Apple urges investors to vote against

The company's board of directors has sent shareholders a note, urging them to vote against the proposal . Their argument is that they are already working on increasing diversity and that in the last three years they have made significant progress in attracting more women and minorities to their ranks . Therefore, they consider that the proposal is not appropriate, as they are demonstrating a commitment to diversity.
According to an annual report of diversity that the company publishes annually since 2014, the hiring of women would have reached 37% of the total of incorporations in the past year , having grown from 32% of the previous year. As for minorities , the current figure is 27% of new additions , compared to 22% the previous year. As they say from Apple, they are also working to get pay equity.

Apple, diversity in store staff, but not in management positions

On this occasion, the proposal will be supported by the investment company Zevin Asset Management, specialized in socially responsible investment. And along with Maldonado, they defend that despite the increase in the recruitment of women and minority people, these contracts focus on the store staff, leaving aside management positions . At present only 18% of them are occupied by women or people belonging to minorities. Therefore, they argue that this policy can damage the company in the coming years and hurt their decisions by not having the opinion of all the geographical areas in which they currently operate .
Last year the proposal obtained a 5.1% of votes in favor. Over 3% qualified to be voted again this time. This time, they must reach 6% of the vote to be able to keep pressing.
And you, what do you think of these types of policies that the proposal contemplates ?, Do you think they are necessary and useful?

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