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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Apple sold 5.2 million Apple Watch in the last quarter of 2016

Apple reported its fiscal Q1 2017 earnings for October to December 2016, as the US fiscal year begins with the earnings quarter-to-quarter of 2016. Apple's figures are always unknown, but the one that Took the reflectors (as always) was the iPhone. The firm Strategy Analytics has released a report data on sales of Apple Watch in the period from October to December. Analyzing the data, we can see that the Apple Watch still does not exceed that goal that could guide the Cupertino to officially publish the sales data.

5.2 million units in three months, the Apple Watch Series 2 boosted very little

As for market share, Apple has no pressure since it owns 63.4% compared to 26.8% with other brands on the market, Samsung is on the list but with a 9.8%. In terms of figures, Samsung sold 800,000 units while other manufacturers achieved 2.2 million. In the balance as the previous quarter (Q4 2015) there was an increase of 100,000 units in sales of Apple Watch .
If we make an annual sales summary, the Apple Watch Apple sold 11.6 million units , down from 13.6 million sold in 2015. Apple last months were complicated, not just the iPad and Mac sales but reduced the IPhone had two consecutive quarters of casualties. The Apple Watch Series 2 did not achieve its purpose.
Annual growth among all manufacturers was minimal, it could be said that 2015 was a great year as that year saw better sales figures.

Apple Watch recorded a Christmas sales record by Tim Cook

The demand over the past holidays led to Apple Watch recording record sales, but if we based on the figures of Strategy Analytics was by no means. 
The firm says the figures are not entirely accurate, but having a pre-sales record we can conclude that Apple's smart watch is advancing at a slow pace. It has been placed as the best selling smart watch , but fails such a strong impact as the iPhone.
Will Apple Watch be able to exceed its sales in 2017? Will it achieve its own category within Apple's tax results? Share your opinions on this topic in the comment box.

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