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Monday, February 6, 2017

Apple to adopt a new connector for accessories in its products

If much was being talked about the possibility of Apple adopting a USB type C connector on future iPhone, this news could end the speculation. Cupertino are working on new accessory connector called " Ultra Accessory Connector ", which would be designed to work in headphones certified under its licensing program " Made for iPhone ".

New accessory connector

The connector, which already has been seen by the network in a first shared by a developer preview, has 8 pins and 2.05mm by 4.85mm measures . Compared with the current connector Lightning, we are facing a smaller connector (even smaller even than the existing own USB-C).
Via 9to5mac
According to the leaked data on the network , we are facing a new connector similar to a mini USB port dimensions, which are already available in some accessories market.
According to Apple's "Made for iPhone" license program specifications, this new accessory connector (UAC) is designed to be used with headphone cables. The different accessory manufacturers will be able to develop Lightning to UAC, USB-A to UAC and cables of 3.5 mm jack to UAC, connecting to a UAC port integrated in an accessory to load and reproduce audio.

The future of this accessory connector are Beats products?

At the moment it is early to draw conclusions, however, perhaps we are facing a new connector that could come integrated into future products of the Beats brand .
These products work currently with micro-USB connectors to charge them , so this change would help keep loading them but at the same time reduce the space of these connectors, providing a saving in the interior space of the future headphones, which Could be used to introduce other internal components.
Not yet known (nor do I think it will be discovered), why Apple continues to develop new ports instead of encouraging manufacturers to adopt the typical USB Type C or Lightning connectors from Apple itself. It is not known if Apple's intention is to bring this accessory connector to other devices such as iPad, iPhone or Mac, time will tell.

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