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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Apple to double the size of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in NY

Apple already begins with the renovation plans for the most emblematic and elegant store in the US. The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York will soon have a remodeling and Bloomberg brings us the report on one of the major plans of Cupertino for this store. A bigger place? It could be twice what it is now.

Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, a major remodel

During Q1 2017 quarterly report two days ago the chairman of Boston Properties, Douglas Linde said that Apple will increase the size of the store located in New York, from 32,000 to 77,000 square feet. The company is co-owner of the building that houses Apple's historic glass store. 
It is known that Apple has been planning it for a year, even that plan to enlarge the store would lead to a change of location. According to a spokesman for Apple revealed to Bloomberg that the new store on Fifth Avenue is amazing , where guests can enjoy more services and experiences in a space where the amplitude will be noticeable.

Fifth Avenue stores have suffered low sales

One thing that is known around New York is that companies that have retail stores on Fifth Avenue have suffered from the rise in space rents, coupled with poor sales. Many blame Donald Trump because Trump Tower is two blocks away. Traffic, presence of pedestrian traffic police and produce a feeling of remoteness and discomfort. 
We will have to wait for more details about one of the best stores of Cupertino in the world, we are talking many visitors passing along Fifth Avenue are surprised to see one glass shop, unaware that belongs to a company, Of technology giants.
Have you visited the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue? What do you think of the plans for its remodeling? Share your opinions in the comment box.

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