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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Apple, we need to talk

Today is Valentine, and although everyone is tinkering with their partner - and if there is no such word, could be invented seeing some that I know - today I come to make things clear . Apple, I know you would not have expected this on a day like today, we have problems, we have to talk.

Surprise me every day

At first, the relationship was beautiful, like all of them. Not a year since I met you with the iPhone 5S and I was surprised with a design change that I fell in love with. However, we have fallen into the rut, and not even the "new" inclusion of the Touch Bar convinces me. You're still the same. The same as one day I liked it , but today it does not go beyond the daily life in which we have been stuck for more than two years.
And I do not say this just for the iPhone, but you have not changed a bit in your iPad, or your MacBook - more, now have fewer connections and ports - you do not get one with the latest iOS updates , not even me The same as before , and is that losing the micro-jack was very, very hard for me.

There have been other

When we met, I thought I would be faithful and that ours would not notice the passing years. However, we have stalled, while from the outside came very suggestive stimuli. Let's face it, if you do not give it to me, I'll go find him somewhere else. I tried the double curve of the S7 Edge , the impressive sound of the ZTE Axon 7 , the modularity of the LG G5 ... and I have not seen you like before.
In you I only see the same thing as always, I see what you do not give me, what you gave me before and now you take me away ... I do not see you as before and, moreover, now I see what I did not see before. You're too jealous of me. You do not let me have anything that you do not give me . You took away the possibility of downgrade me , why, perhaps because it was not you that you had given it to me?
Anyway, I can not go on like this, Apple. I need you to change , to be the one with which I would have been for years and years. Let me surprise you as you did before. This is your last chance. I have already seen what is outside and something has to change, I no longer see a future with your devices, or with you.

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