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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apple would bet on a Chinese manufacturer of flexible screens for the iPhone in 2018

new Chinese manufacturer of displays adds to the list they currently provide to Apple devices. In this case it is BOE Technology , a Chinese manufacturer .

BOE Technology, a new Chinese manufacturer of screens for Apple

Over the past few months we've heard that Apple would make the leap from LCD to OLED screens . Although it is not yet clear when we would see that change
Regarding this new manufacturer, BOE Technology , it is a company of Chinese origin. Being the first of that country to join the current Samsung, LG, Sharp and Japan Display working as Apple suppliers . 
In order to be able to cope with the strong demand that Apple expects, it is making a big investment in the construction of two plants in Sichuan province . Investment totaling 14.5 billion dollars .

BOE Technology may not arrive for the next iPhone

Although BOE Technology is working hard to meet the deadlines , it probably will not reach the next iPhone's production to be released this 2017 . 
Precisely one of the two plants, located in Mianyang, can not be fully operational for 2 years . 
Although after both are working at 100% , they will be able to produce 1.6 million square meters of flexible one year AMOLED glass substrates .
Together with BOE Technology, Apple would add four OLED display providers (Samsung, LG, Sharp and Japan Display). 
While this seems to be enough, the high demand that this technology has on the world market, makes it may not be enough to meet the needs of Apple. 
That's why many rumors claim that Apple could introduce this year two iPhone, one with OLED display and another with the classic LCD . Being able to cope with orders. 
Although it is expected that the next 2018, can fully meet the demands of Apple.

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