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Friday, February 3, 2017

BeatsX would go on sale this week

At last it seems that BeatsX be released this week . As we discussed in an article on our website , these headphones not be available until approximately February, and so it proved.
The BeatsX were presented along with the iPhone 7 and Apple announced in its Keynote that would not be available until the fall is that according iStockNow, the BeatsX could be launched this week.

The BeatsX just around the corner

iStockNow is known to follow making on Apple products as it has systems to see any changes in the inventory . BestBuy is another portal that tracks Apple products.

It really is difficult to know when exactly Apple will launch a product or accessory, but if we consider the activity that iStockNow and BestBuy know Apple, in just a few days we could see the launch of these headphones.

Difference from other Apple Earphones

The BeatsX unlike AirPods, use cable, and have a design very similar to the UrBeats. Headphones company and are Powerbeats3 and Solo3 , W1 incorporate Beats chip company.
The BeatsX found that have a Lightning port like other products Beats. Another feature is that these include fast charging, headphones reach about two hours of autonomy having them charging for 5 minutes. Apparently these headphones BeatsX will have a cost of $ 149 , about 139 euros about being the cheapest option.
Remember that as long as these headphones are launched we will let you know firsthand in NewCydiaTweaks. what do you think about this news? What day do you think Apple will launch these headphones? Leave us your opinions about this news in the comment box. Thanks for reading!

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