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Monday, February 13, 2017

Biggest battery for iPhone 8

One of the aspects that most complaints have received the latest versions of the iPhone from Californians is certainly the duration of their batteries At present, most of Apple's direct competition offers large batteries in their different smartphones. In addition, the increase of the same has become a kind of competition in the Android world.
One of Apple's best-known analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo has unveiled more data about the upcoming iPhone 8. This time it was on the battery, in which the company could increase the space allocated to it, allowing to incorporate a With greater capacity and autonomy .

The iPhone 8 would incorporate a larger battery that would improve the autonomy of the terminal

It would practically be one of the few hardware elements to improve on the next iPhone. In addition, the processor such as RAM are two elements that are giving very good results in the current version of the iPhone 7, so we could rarely see improvements in these two aspects.
Currently, the iPhone battery occupies about 60 percent of the total space of the device . In this way, in the new model, the Californians could carry out a new redistribution of the hardware content with the placement of the battery in the form of L , reason why this would occupy more space to be able to offer the customers a greater autonomy . However, those of Cupertino would avoid increasing the thickness and size of the terminal.
Charge iphone 4

According to MacRumors , with this new design the smallest model of the next range of iPhone would incorporate a battery similar to the iPhone 7 Plus . In addition, the new OLED panels that would mount the next iPhone would be more efficient than the current LCD, since this new technology does not use the ignition of the pixels in the dark tones.

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