Thursday, February 9, 2017

Buy your Apple AirPods on Amazon now and receive them tomorrow

After months of delays and uncertainties, AirPods Apple were released just in time for Christmas . Of course, due to the limited stock due to multiple incidents in its production, shipments from the official Apple website can be delayed up to 6 weeks and in Apple Store stores the situation is not much better given its scarce availability. Thus, the acquisition has been a desperate odyssey all for fanboys eager to get hold Apple wireless headsets.
So if you want a AirPods Apple're in luck, because you can order them from now on Amazon and tomorrow February 10 will be shipped direct to your home - or anywhere, you know how terribly efficient they are in handling and shipping Goods. Forget the long waits and rely on Jeff Bezos platform to get them from now on.
And the biggest online store in the world, Amazon, the put on presale at a price of 179 euros - exactly the same as the official price of the company bite the apple - but shipment is scheduled for a day or two after the date of sale, which is this Friday .
We deduce that Amazon has a considerable stock preventing the one that comes to them, so if you are a Premium user and pre-order reservations today, probably the same Friday and have them at home and you can start enjoying them.
Apple AirPods
Remember that if you do not fancy much scratching your pocket, NewCydiaTweaks we offer the best alternatives for Bluetooth wireless headsets affordable . If on the other hand do not convince the AirPods and are more traditional and faithful to the cable, remember that the BeatsX Apple also put on sale this Friday . Provided with the W1 chip and somewhat cheaper than the AirPods, they are a very interesting option.
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