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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Call this number from your iPhone, see what happens

Today we bring you a new curiosity . secret application that have iPhone hidden by default, and to which we teach you to access. In addition, we will also teach you other little tricks with the phone keypad.

How to access the  Field Test

Let's start with the first thing. What is the Field Test ? This is a hidden application on the iPhone that gives us information about the status of the mobile network (such as coverage or which cell we are using). And how can we access this tool?
This is very simple. All you have to do is go to the application Phone our iPhone. There we will go to the Keyboard section  and enter the following number:
* 3001 # 12345 # *
It should be noted that this must be done by dialing the numbers on the telephone keypad, since no calls are actually being made . That is, it is only a code that will give us access to the application called  Field Test , so it will not work if we save the number as a contact and we call without typing.

How to view our coverage level in numerical value

The first trick we will see will be how to see our level of coverage . But we will not see it as we are seeing now, with a series of points, but in its numerical value . That is, we will see its value with real units .
To do this, we will use the app called  Field Test that we just learned to open. But this before could be done directly entering the app, replacing the usual indicator of iOS coverage by the number while it was open. But now in iOS in the upper right is shown a shortcut to the previous app. Therefore, we can not see the numerical value there.

And how do we do then? There is a simple trick. To do this, simply open the Field Test app  as above. Next, we will press the iPhone's sleep button until the slider exits to turn off. Once we appear we will press the start button until we disappear the button to turn off and we will show the main screen of the iPhone. Now you can see that at the top of the screen you have the numerical indicator of your coverage.
And what if I want to see the dots again? Simply click on the indicator and it will return to normal. And if we press it again the numerical value will appear again. And how to do if we do not want vulva to appear? Simply reopen the Field Test app  , or restart the iPhone.

How to interpret the numerical value of the coverage

And in what units are we presented? This value is expressed in decibel-milli, that is,  dBm . This is a dimensionless and logarithmic unit widely used in signal processing and power electronics. But obviously I'm not going to put a 1000 word article explaining that they are. Instead, I will tell you only what interests us.

As we can appreciate if we are a bit naughty, the value that appears in negative. And how can we know if we have good coverage or bad? Our coverage will be better the higher that number , that is, the less negative it is (closer to 0). On the other hand, if we have a very low number (with a high absolute value), for example, below -115dBm, our coverage will be poor.
The value is dimensioned between -40dBm and -140dBm , so a value between -40 and -90 is fine.

Other more codes we can introduce in our iPhone

But that is not the only code we can enter on the keypad of our phone. Although not very popular, the Field Test application  is very useful, and gives a lot of data that we have not analyzed.
These are other codes, although not so "powerful", are also very useful:

Find out the IMEI of your iPhone

The IMEI is a number that identifies your mobile device. And why do we need this number? For example, if we want to free our iPhone in case it is linked to a company.
This code can be obtained from the Information menu , but it is more curious to do it by typing a code . And what do we have to put on the telephone keypad?
* # 06 #
Once we type this number, we will get the number.

Call with hidden number

We have seen it many times in the movies, but we do not know how to do it. Well now you will know!
Just enter the code  # 31 # , followed by the number you want to call. In addition, it is also possible to make it permanent from the settings menu by deactivating the "Show Caller ID" option . Although, if it is something punctual, it is more convenient to use this code as a shortcut.
# 31 # NUMBER
And works? From what we have been able to prove, it works, although we do not try every possible case. Of course, this does not guarantee that the number can not be known . Your operator and the recipient will know who made the call.

More codes

These are just the most used , but there are more of these. For example, we have the  * 33 * PIN # to block all calls, or the  # 33 * PIN # to undo it. But we can not explain all in one article.

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