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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Can Apple make us buy the iPad again?

When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPad in that year 2010, Apple CEO branded it as a "truly magical and revolutionary product," however, now sales of this device do not stop declining year after year , for We wonder if Apple will be able to make us want iPad again and possible solutions to low sales and popularity.
It's the best browsing experience you've ever had, " said Apple's former CEO. I was right. In 2010 the iPad had the best navigation experience but in 2017, this changes. The screens of smartphones were significantly smaller when the iPad was introduced, (typically around 3.5 inches versus five or six inches today), while laptops were heavier and lacked touch screens. The Apple iPad introduced the concept of a tablet to millions of consumers around the world . (It was not the first "tablet", but popularized the category, Apple is not the first, is simply the best thing). Other manufacturers went on to introduce similar devices, although few understood the powerful appeal of the apple device.

Seven years later, everything is different

Seven years later, the iPad is in trouble, it is no longer the product that in 2010, and many people do not renew it as easily as before, Apple must make us want the iPad again. It is true that Apple is still the company that sells the most tablets worldwide, according to the latest estimates by research firm IDC. But its sales (quarter after quarter) are focused on a continued loss. Global tablet shipments fell 20.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to IDC, while iPad shipments fell by about 19 percent in the most recent quarter , which translates into 22 percent revenue Otherwise, a lot of money at stake that is failing to win).
Apple executives are still relying on the future of the iPad, at least publicly. "I still feel very optimistic about where we can put the product," said Apple CEO Tim Cook a few weeks ago. During that statement, Apple executives argued that changes in inventory levels and shortage of components are, at least in part, to blame for poor iPad sales. And that iPhone sales are still a pressure factor for the iPad (who buys a next-generation iPad if for the same amount I have an iPhone Plus?). However, experts say there is a bigger problem (I think the same): Apple has not given consumers a compelling reason to buy an iPad , or to upgrade their existing model.

Want the iPad again, complicated, not impossible

While the device looked revolutionary seven years ago, today it's stuck somewhere between our smartphones and laptops. That creates uncertainty among consumers who wonder why choose an iPad?
JP Gownder is analyst and vice president of Forrester and his analysis is very accurate in my opinion: "It is very important that Apple knows what the future of computing outside of the iPhone looks like, whether it looks like a tablet, a hybrid or a Mac, you have to reevaluate what your customers are looking for. " In other words, you have to find the niche for the iPad in the market , to differentiate it to a greater extent and give it the relevance it needs.

In what may be an attempt to address the existential crisis of the tablet market, Apple has been marketing its sophisticated range of iPad Pro as a replacement for laptops. The Pro models offer faster processors, larger screens and are compatible with Apple's stylus and keyboard accessories. But somehow, the qualities of the iPad as a laptop are hampered by its software. While most rival devices run full Windows programs, the iPad can only run mobile apps designed for iOS . Software makers such as Microsoft and Adobe have released light versions of their popular services for the iPad, but they are not always as easy to use with a touch screen as the desktop applications themselves, so I doubt that is the way to want to New the iPad.

Possible solutions

"You really can not do spreadsheets on iOS," says Gownder. "You can use a version of Excel, but without a mouse it's very challenging for the simplicity Apple usually offers, it does not make sense." A lot of us (Apple fans), we've been "pushing" the Cupertino company to rush A 100% software for the iPad, or, on the other hand, a MacBook with touch screen. But several Apple executives have said that will never happen.
Another interesting option could be the use of the smaller iPad, focused solely on the world of video games, watching the success of other companies like Nintendo with its 3DS, is usually nothing crazy, however, Apple has never been interested in the world Of the video games (when he tried and did not do well, they said never again).

Another tactic that Apple could consider to make us want the iPad again is the possibility of cheapening its price.
According to IDC, the majority of iPad sales are mainly thanks to the Air 2 iPad models and the mini versions . If Apple lowers the price of its iPad, I think it could increase sales volume, however I understand that Apple does not. If the sales of tablets in general continue to fall, however much you lower the price you can see dragged by the inertia of the market, you could maintain your sales or even raise slightly, but you would lose money, I do not think that Apple chose this option but not Is no longer a solution. It would have to sacrifice revenue so depending on how the sales performed, that could be self-destructive for Apple itself. The best solution for this device is in the approach that has lost , however, is the most difficult and complicated way to rescue it, I explain. If Apple manages to convince everyone that the next iPad has something revolutionary that did not exist before , it can be the ultimate solution to go up in sales and profits.
"What's needed is something new, fresh and different," says Gownder. "Something that makes you say" they are doing something different than they did before, that I need to buy it. " It is true, innovations can save sales of a product, but its implementation is complicated and slow, if we add to the information that is often poured into the press in the form of rumors, Apple still has very complicated to make us want to New iPad, however, I think it is still the best product of the company (for me) and if there is someone able to fall and come back, that is Apple .

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