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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Can I repair my iPhone myself looking for parts and tutorials?

You may not have suffered with your device, but you have certainly witnessed the fall of a smartphone to the ground . That split-screen sound is painful even when it's not yours . It may also be that due to the continued use we make of our iPhone, one of the few buttons that incorporates has begun to fail . Then you know that it will be your turn to go through the workshop, which implies a disbursement of money , and depending on the breakdown, it can be an important sum, right?

EBay is the first option, but what we are looking for

Today eBay has become that great bazaar where you can find everything, but you have to know how to find and perfectly identify what is needed . If unfortunately you have exploded the screen of your iPhone 7, a search on the portal could make you think that you can repair it for less than € 15 . But beware, the screens of our smartphones are composed by a digitizer, which covers the screen and transmits the pulsations to the system and the screen itself .
It is most likely that you have broken the glass, ie the digitizer, but replacing one of the two components in your home independently is practically impossible . In this case you should acquire a full screen (digitizer + LCD), which increases the price considerably . Even so, you can find any other piece that you need to replace, but, will you be able to mount it ?, or are you looking for someone to do it for you?

Searching for tutorials on the internet

You already have the piece located, now it is necessary to check if it is very difficult to assemble, since, the kit of eBay includes tools! You end up finding some video on YouTube, or you end up directly on the iFixit page, Apple device breakdown specialists . You see videos where step by step explain perfectly how to replace any piece, but you realize what you are going to find. Lots of screws of various types and sizes, pieces fixed with adhesive (like the screen), multiple components, little space and everything placed accurately ... If you dare to take the risk you must do it with a lot of patience and skill , but then you remember the locks Which suffered some iPhone replacing some components and decide to find someone to do it for you with a certain guarantee .

To the Chinaman of the neighborhood or to the boy who announces himself on the internet

I can not say which of the two offers more guarantees of success. Although the price is adjusted, you assume that they are used to this type of operations and seem to offer some guarantee (or perhaps someone to take responsibility in case something goes wrong). So what else can I ask for?
There is a detail that had escaped us. Apple does not officially supply replacement parts to third parties . Where does my screen or my spare battery come from? These are compatible parts whose quality may be much lower than the original . The new screen may not have the same resolution, quality, or brightness as the original. Or that the battery within 3 months is worse than the one you want to replace. What is left for me then?

Repairs on Apple, quality at what price?

Apple has service in its Apple Store, or authorized services in stores like the Premium Reseller . If you do not have any of them, you could also mail your device to Apple, but does it raise the price?
Taking a look at the Apple website we see how the prices of the screens range from 147.10 to 167.10 €, to which we must add 12.10 € shipping costs should it be necessary . In addition, depending on the damage we suffer, we also mark the maximum prices that can mean the repair. And here if we have the guarantee that they will treat our device as it deserves and the spare parts used will be official and with the same characteristics that we had until the day of the accident .

So, do I repair my iPhone myself?

I have it clear, and in case I need it I would resort to Apple . The price does not seem excessive, although surely it is easy to find something cheaper there, but what would we be sacrificing? Quality of components, warranty, security ...? In my case this decision may be conditioned to have tried several times on my own with terrible results . And that I consider a little handy.
The first time replacing the Home button of my old iPhone 4 I broke the screen, which I later replaced in a neighborhood store, losing quality and automatic regulation of brightness . The second time, when going to disconnect the battery to replace it, I broke the connection to the plate, rendering the terminal unusable .
So, and although I hope it will be in a long time, if I need to repair my Apple product, I have clear where I will go, and you, which option do you prefer?

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