Friday, February 17, 2017

Can you imagine charging your iPhone or Apple Watch battery with your movement?

Apple returns to charge with the subject of batteries and their charge. And it does well, because it is undoubtedly one of its weak points. In addition to having definitively implemented wireless - eye charging , not long distance - using inductivity, or experimenting with forms and distributions in order to improve its autonomy on the next iPhone 8 , it is still investigating for perhaps implementing an old but New way to charge your devices: with the movement . challenge that culminating would be a success for gadgets like the Apple Watch or iPhone , intensive daily use.
And is that according to a patent that saw the light during yesterday , Apple could be studying a mechanism to charge their gadgets to generate electricity through movements . Ojito, that is not about wrist movements, something that for example would be very useful for the smartwatch of the bite apple, but through a wheel. That is, what was once known as winding the clock . A simple yet effective method, judging by the long life of our grandparents' watches.
Apple Watch Warm.
As you can see, the mechanisms of the Apple Watch are far from the traditional watchmaking machinery - with respect for antique watches, authentic precision watches that many modern watches would like - and the charging method would be more complex Than a simple roulette mechanism . While it is an Apple patent, we must remember that the innovations that Cupertino releases to the market are the tip of the iceberg of all the research they do, so we must take it with tweezers.
In fact, and in a personal capacity, it seems quite improbable that in times of wireless charges Apple bet to "rope your watch," a real eccentricity after having disbursed more than 300 euros for a prodigious clock in terms of technological advances. In addition, we should also assess how much energy is able to provide the advance of the wheel , because it consumes not just a traditional clock than one that has an electronic display, Bluetooth, etc.
Perhaps, this patent only obeys the interest of exclusivity, that is, no one will go ahead and use it. But truly it would be fantastic to have an Apple Watch whose autonomy depended on ourselves, allowing us to go with the one week to nature without a plug.
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