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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Change your location on iOS 10.2 with this app

With this tweak from Cydia we can change our location easily anywhere in the world so we can use that location for anything.

LocationFaker9 is a tweak or rather application at a cost of $ 2.99 USD in the repository BigBoss Cydia but remember that you can get completely free third - party repositories, however it is better to buy the tweak as it becomes available to support the developer and so Have a correct operation and the latest updates.


When installing LocationFaker9 we leave the application in our springboard to set up and basically choosing the place which we want to have as the location.
Upon entering the application we have a fairly understandable interface and all we have to do is search for the city or place we want and once you seek if we have that location must only be activated with the switch we have in the part Below and once activated the location will have the option to change our coordinates automatically every certain range but this is totally optional.

Finally we can add locations to the Favorites section if they want to resort to that location faster.
To see that it works properly leave a screenshot of Facebook where trying to do CheckIn shows places near our location in this case we place the location was Tokyo .
To have no doubt preferred to see the video.

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