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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cinéfilo? Here are the best movie apps

We are in the time of the year with better cinema, the season of prizes is in the ascendant and will end next February 26 with the delivery of the Oscars. For this reason, we wanted to collect a list of the best Cinema Apps .

IMDb Movies & TV, the most extensive film database

IMDb  is the platform par excellence . It has the largest and most important database of film and television, which has its own application for mobile devices, iPhone and iPad. It will allow you to discover the billboard, read reviews, watch trailers, discover curiosities of actors and film directors. The contents are updated very regularly and are fairly well documented. Without a doubt, a useful tool when deciding what to see (or not see) in your leisure time .


Another of the Apps to keep up with the news about the series, the cinema and its actors is Sensacine . It is a very good tool to browse data you want to know about movies, series, cinemas, actors and filmography. Its strengths are the trailers and the specialized news that allow you to be informed of everything related to the cinema. In addition, it has Location, so it gives you information about movies, billboard and cinemas closer.

RunPee, or how not to miss a key moment.

Are you the ones who want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie? Do you like to watch movies on TV because in ads you can leave without feeling guilty? Well, RunPee  is for you, because if you do not have ads that make the task easy, it will help you get out at the right time. The app is designed to tell you the best time to leave for a few minutes without missing out on anything too relevant .
How do you tell? Look for long scenes in which between 3 and 5 minutes of them do not have crucial plot twists, or exciting action, even mentioning the exact moment in which they will happen. It also tells you whether or not you should stay for the final credits.

Do you know everything about the seventh art?

With MoviePop  you can test your knowledge about cinema. The app will present you a series of games in which you will have to guess the movie, about fragments or even the soundtrack. You can play alone or accompanied, learn more about cinema and challenge your family and friends.
Are you a movie buff? Did you know any of these apps? Do you want to recommend a new one? Leave us your messages and recommendations in the comment box.

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