Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Create your own Valentine's Day cards on Facebook from iOS

If you are a Facebook user you may already have noticed that from time to time it is becoming more common to see how the social network invites you to share videos that are created automatically to celebrate certain years of friendship with one of your friends, your own anniversary Facebook ... and how could it be otherwise in such a special day like today Facebook was not going to be left behind and offers users the option to create and share greeting cards for Valentine 's day .
In case there is still some clueless, today is Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, which has not gone unnoticed by Facebook. These cards are available for sharing from both the web version of the social network and the mobile application .
Congratulate Valentine's Day on Facebook.
Here's how you can create your own Valentine's Day on Facebook from your iOS device , be it the iPhone or the iPad. So if you forgot to buy the card to congratulate your partner today or just want to share it also on Facebook so that all your friends find out how much you want do not wait anymore and keep reading. Let's go there!

Shout to the four winds your love with these nice Valentine Valentine cards!

The first thing you have to do to create your card to congratulate Valentine's Day on Facebook is to open the application. Most often today find a box right under the bar to update the status in which invites you to create your valentine, but if for whatever reason does not appear can click on this link .
Congratulate Valentine's Day on Facebook.
Next you must choose the design that you like most to share with your Facebook friends . You have a total of ten cards to choose from different types: from flowers, hearts or enamored ice cream to a heart-shaped pizza.
The next thing you should do is choose where you want to share the Valentine's card, whether on your own wall or on one of your friends . Finally, before sharing the Valentine's card on Facebook just write the message that you want to accompany it.
Congratulate Valentine's Day on Facebook.
Of course, we must recognize that this time Facebook has not worked so hard as usual, because the card is displayed as a normal image and text to party like a more ordinary publication . As you can see, it may not be the most romantic way to say I love you on Valentine's Day, but what is certain is that it is able to reach any corner of the world.
And you, do you usually celebrate Valentine with your partner? Have you used or plan to use the cards that Facebook makes available to users? Tell us about it in the comments!
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