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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Designers test creativity with iPhone 8 models

A few weeks ago we commented on the concept proposed by Filipino designer Imran Taylor what would be the new iPhone in August , a rather interesting for fans of this device exercise. And it is no doubt, with rumors suggesting that the iPhone 2017 will introduce some of the changes of design more radical we've seen in the iPhone since 2014, several artists have been doing conceptual models based on the characteristics that have occurred To know
So today we share a collection view various means, including macrumors on other conceptions of what we might see - aesthetically - the tenth Apple iPhone.

How could the next iPhone 8

Many of the models imagine fantastic ideas that it is unlikely that Apple implemented, but also take the screen from edge to edge with the embedded Start button, the OLED screen, the wireless charging and ideas glass body being sold, giving a Interesting to see how the rumors of the iPhone 8 are being interpreted.
The first conceptual design was created by Thadeu Brandão and has been receiving much attention in recent days. The mockup features an iPhone with a larger screen from edge to edge, dual cameras, and a glass front and back surrounded by an aluminum frame, and a built-in physical on-screen button on the bottom of the device .
Iphone 8 concept
It has a bar style Android or bar touch controls that change contextually based application, an inclusion that is not rumored for the device at this time. Brandão has also shared several models of the iPhone 8 on its website, showing its design in more detail.
A concept created by Veniamin Geskin and Ran Avni imagine several iterations of the iPhone 8 with a screen that extends to the edges of the screen, but leaves top and bottom bezels, and another that curves around the edges of the device.

A concept iPhone 8 created by iDrop News is quite faithful to the rumors that have been heard so far, with an ultra slim device with an OLED screen without bezel, a body entirely white crystal, no Start button and iris scanning technology .
Possible iPhone 8 models
Will anyone approach what we will see in September? Do not stop comment

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