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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Detected malware for Windows-based Mac and Word macros

A new malware for Mac has appeared that would be based on Windows and on Word macros. Let's see more details about this new virus.
There was a time when it was said that Apple computers could not have viruses; However we are currently receiving more and more news related to malware for Mac. Although it was true that criminals did not take time to develop malware in Apple's ecosystem because it was used by few people, that unfortunately is beginning to change. The malware detected through Adobe that we told you recently, you have to join a new type.

A new malware for Mac has appeared that would be based on Word macros

As we can see in Arstechnica , we have found a new case of malware for Mac based on a system as primitive as Word macros . Macros are a series of commands that are grouped as one to perform a task automatically; In this way, computer criminals would have used this tool to perform malware that would affect Apple computers. When opening a certain infected file, those macros would be executed by propagating the virus through the terminal.
Image owned by 9to5Mac
As it is such an old system, it does not require much knowledge to identify it. When trying to open a file that integrates macros in Word, it will ask the user to execute it so it is easy to see when a file could contain this type of malware. Simply by pressing the "disable macros" button the threat would be neutralized . In case the user does not notice and execute the file, the macros could download code and execute it, affecting domains such as key registration or browsing history .
As you see even if you own a Mac, a terminal apparently less prone to computer viruses, you have to be aware as computer criminals are beginning to focus on the Apple ecosystem. Leave us in comments what you think about this issue and if you have suffered a virus on your Mac.

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