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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Do not miss the craziest conversations with Siri

Confess: you too have tried trollear Siri in your moments of boredom under the guise of testing its artificial intelligence. But it is when you least desire it when by chance, the most surrealistic conversations are produced with the virtual assistant of Apple. Today we bring you some of them, but if you know other questions with a hilarious result do not hesitate to leave us in the comments!

Siri and the youngest children

Siri is a very attractive tool of our iPhone, iPad and Mac that arouses the interest of curious beings, such as pets or children. What great moments have babies given us when they happen to get a chat with the Apple virtual assistant! So much so, that some newborns star in one of the most funny and endearing viral internet videos with Siri . Do some Spanish speakers dare to leave the iPhone to their offspring and record their reaction with Siri?

Siri and pets

But as we say, children are not the only ones. Attentive to this Siberian husky, which may not be more concentrated with the sounds emitted by the iPhone of its owner.
They say that Siri will be more intelligent in the next iOS, which have not yet specified is their ability to understand and tame the beasts :

 Siri is your friend ... or not

What is clear is that Siri can always help , even in academic tasks easier and clearly, so that everyone can understand, such as when you get to review the issue of indeterminacy limits:
Undoubtedly well as help Siri also makes us have a good time, but test or dictating these commands to get funny answers . But the thing does not end here, you can also discover a series of very funny secret functions .
Siri (4)
In any case, Siri is not the only virtual assistant who has starred in comic moments . Attentive to this hilarious and viral video in which Alexa of Amazon interprets the words of a sweet child in the most pornographic way possible, provoking the paternal nervousness:
Do you have any other funny video or trick with Siri? Leave us in the comments!

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