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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Download these apps for iPhone and iPad for free for a limited time

The App Store is full of multiple applications that make our iOS devices our best friend, with permission of our pets. If you are one of those who come to the Apple platform of apps frequently to find new apps to incorporate your devices and make them even more useful, surely you are eager to find great deals and bargains like the ones we offer today. Tuned, because these apps are free today but it is not known how long the promotion .

Exif Viewer

Exif viewer
Exif Viewer is an app for photography enthusiasts that if normal costs 2.99 euros, now can download free. With Exif Viewer we can view, edit and delete Exif data, which is the technical data of the photos taken, either by our device or by others.

ACDSee Pro

We continue with the apps of the world of photography with ACDSee Pro, whose price is 6.99 euros but for a limited time is free. ACDSee Pro to capture, enhance and share your photos , as well as incorporating a much more potent than the native app camera and last but not least, a function to create compositions.

Studio Music Player | 48 band equalizer + lyrics

Studio music player
Ojito that this offer is the cue of the deck. Download Studio Music Player | 48 band equalizer + lyrics to zero when normal cost 49.99 euros , yes, you read that right: 50 eurazos. But Studio Music Player is a player years light of what we are accustomed, offering us an experience of a recording studio professional, according to his description. Accompanied by a good output equipment the audio quality is brutal as well as the settings that allows you to retouch.


Why write so you can use GIFs? If you think a picture is worth a thousand words, the next step will be to tie the blanket to your head and create your own GIFs thanks to GIFORama, an app that normally costs 0.99 euros but you can now find free in the App Store.

 Assault Vector

Assault Vector
And to finish, what better than to use our favorite devices with a game of strategy in which you will have to save the planet Earth from the invader, ** get with Assault Vector for free! **

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