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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Educational applications to turn your classroom into 2.0

The technology offers many possibilities for research, information, communication and a long etcetera, and it could not be less, also offers many possibilities for educational professionals to improve their classes , make them more dynamic and connect with students. We have to get our students to achieve meaningful learning, and in that sense we can make use of many educational applications that dynamize the teaching-learning process . Then, I provide a number of applications that can help teachers in their day to day.


This is one of the most interesting applications, and can be used by any teacher whatever his specialty. It aims to integrate the game as a classroom dynamics , so that, to a certain extent, we resort to "gamification . This enables the student to become compromised with their learning process.
The application implies that the students have to answer a series of questions that we have previously formulated . It allows many possibilities, creating not only questions, also surveys, debates. It also allows the teacher to know if the knowledge imparted in class is being correctly learned by the students.

I do not

For some time now this has become an indispensable tool for many teachers. It is only available for iPad , but it is certainly a remarkable tool that allows many possibilities to the teacher. You can manage everything related to the classroom, from absences, test scores, annotations exercise, etc . It is really a very recommendable option to manage the classroom, in addition to allowing the possibility of including parents' mail , so that they receive an e-mail notifying them when their child has missed a class, or receiving at the moment When a test has been graded, this allows the tutorial action to be improved.


This option allows a space in which teachers can upload information for students , who also exchange information, even generate threads of debate that allow students to build their knowledge. One of the most relevant aspects is also the possibility that it offers to be able to work in projects , and with it, to apply new methodologies by the Project Based Learning (ABP). It has an app for iPhone from which you can share study files, slides, mental maps, and, in short, a lot of information.
A while ago we did a very complete tutorial on this application that you have available here .


This is a very interesting tool that allows you to create videos with certain ease, integrating what we understand is interesting , from images, text, music, effects, etc. A tool with many possibilities and allows us to create extraordinary audiovisuals in a very simple way. You can not miss among your selection of educational applications.


Although it is a well known game, it can also be used for educational purposes . Some time ago we had an opportunity to interview Rosa Liarte , who in this sense has used this game to teach her students the construction of Gothic cathedrals. Here we leave you a link to your project , so you can take ideas.

One More Thing

Being an Apple website, I could not miss the One More Thing, in this sense, I provide here a course of use of the iPad as an educational resource , in Spanish and free . I hope you find it useful.

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