Sunday, February 5, 2017

Energous Introduces Miniature RF charging circuit (WattUp RF-transmitter) for wireless charging distance. Expected to be used in the iPhone 8

Energous manufacturer of rechargeable transmitter wireless remote launching miniature RF charging circuit (WattUp RF-transmitter) for wireless charging distance. Expected to be used in the iPhone 8.
Earlier it was reported that  Apple was a Partner with Energous and prepared for delivery. Transmitter charging wireless remote end of 2017,  released its latest Energous piece miniature RF charging circuit (WattUp RF-transmitter) for wireless charging distance. Expected to be used in the iPhone 8.

WattUp RF-transmitter

Components for miniaturized RF circuit recharge code DA4100 RF-Transmit is part of the technology  WattUp technology, wireless charging distance. The charger circuit components such as small 7 mm. Of space to install Mr. Rove less. It can be put on portable devices such as the iPhone.
WattUp small antennas to transmit waves of energy instead of the coil. The antennas will provide a far more wave energy. Users can place the device anywhere to recharge the battery. Without being connected to the charger or cradle for charging.
Earlier Energous said WattUp can receive and transmit electromagnetic waves to charge the battery has about a 18 feet (about 5.4 meters) and can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Energous and Dialog

In November last Energous together with Dialog Semiconductor. The technology supplier to the wireless charging technology by far Energous are sold under the brand Dialog The joint investment is worth 10 million dollar to expand distribution channels.
Moreover, Apple is considering the purchase of Dialog, which foreign media predicted that 70% of orders come from Apple products, Apple is expected to order. Wireless charging technology, distance to the iPhone 8.
However, not Energous technology manufacturers charge the wireless remote you myself. Rumor has it that Lite-On Semiconductor. In China, it could be an alternative to Apple's, too.
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